Lindi Ortega

I suspect I am very late to the game here, but have recently become aware of a great singer/songwriter from Canada; her last 2 recordings have me obsessed to try to see her perform. Unfortunately not possible in the near-term, but I will keep searching for future shows. Do others here share my enthusiasm?
Which Albums are you most taken with. I should be able to find sample to listen to. She is not related to Suzie Ortega is she? Suzie a very cute attractive (and other effusive attributes) young lady I met in school, is she?
Local talent. Fantastic voice and very easy on the eyes.
She can sing to me every night of the week...

Tin Star

Her version of Springsteen's I'm on FIre.
The constant tremolo is annoying after a while. I think you guys are paying more attention to other attributes. Her interpretation of "I'm on Fire" didn't add anything to the original either.
As long a you are checking out Canadian talent, take a gander at Whitney Rose .

She has two albums out. Can not say enough positives.

Roxy, her last two CDs are stunning, even to a blind man. Of course, one man's ceiling is another man's floor.
True. A lot of people think Diana Krall and Norah Jones are amazing too.