Lindemann vs Theta vs Krell

Hi! I am currently using a Mark Levinson 37 transport with my Theta Pro Basic III. Caught the upgrade bug and wanted to change it to something that plays SACDs too. Auditioned the Lexicon RT-10 universal transport the other day. Georgeous. Took a listen to the Krell SACD Standard and the Theta lastest universal player called the Compli. All very nice.

The thing is that the Krell only plays CDs and SACDs. The new Lexicon and Theta play over 30 formats. CDs, SACDs, DVDs, DVD-As, etc, etc...

Heard of the Lindemann-audiotechnik D680 SACD/CD/HDCD player. Did not audition it yet. Will do so this weekend. Very expensive though. Another one on my list is the Esotoric DV-50 made by Teac.

My main focus would be something that plays CDs and SACDs. DVDs is not that important as I have a HT system for that. The problem is that most universal players would have a weak link somewhere down the chain. I fear that the above-mentioned SACDs performance might not be on par with the Sony or Marantz flagship SACD player. Or the redbook CD performance not on par with my Mark Levinson/Theta combo.

Any comments or advice? Thanks for all the input guys!
I auditioned the Esoteric DV-50 at home and I'm not sure what the hype is about. It sounds like a 1980 Japanese player with hard treble and thin sound. For SACD or CD it was trounced by my PS Audio Lambda/Ultralink.