Lindemann D680, how does it sound?

I'm thinking about buying one, and I'd like to hear from those of you who have heard the player. What did you think, and to what did (or would) you compare it? How does it compare to other players such as a modded or unmodded SCD-1/XA-777ES or other high end CD only players such as the CD12? In terms of digital, I listen to about 80% redbook and 20% SACD. I've been very interested in the Linn Unidisk, but now the price has risen from around $4000 to $8000-9000. It probably also won't be out until late second quarter 2003, and I couldn't care less about surround sound/video capabilities. Thanks for your input!
I never heard it, but I sure does look like a gem..
I think Tekunda, had a demo period for this player.
He is a straight shooter.
Tekunda sells it in the US, apparently. He also posted a review some time ago -- you may want to look it up. I heard it at a show in a badly set-up system, playing inside a poor-sounding room so, let's say I didn't hear much of what it can do!
Isn't this the unit that Albert Porter is currently reviewing?
I have now had my Lindemann for four months. On sacd it is far superior to my Marantz SA-1 which in turn was superior to the Sony SCD-1. I do not mean by any slight margin either. The cd performance compares with the best dacs I have, such as the Zanden and Audio Note DAC4.1x Signature. This unit requires isolation of the ps for analog and exception pc, such as the Omega Mikros. It does not like either Aurios or Rollerblocks. The Vacuum Reference ic is better than the Siltechs on it.
I've had the Lindemann for about 4 weeks now, and am only starting to get an appreciation for what it can do. REgrettably, I have never heard the Zanden, DCS or any of the other current "champs" of digital reproduction. The Lindemann follows in my system an Accuphase DP90 transport / Chord DAC64 combination -- not state of the art, but I'd say high middle grade digital.

In a nutshell, the Lindemann is breathtaking, far superior to the Accuphase / Chord combo. The presentation is expansive, with incredible detail that you will have a hard time believing is Red Book standard. There is a presence to low-level detail that reminds me of the concert hall. Again, I thought this was impossible for CDs. Bass reproduction is awesome -- nuanced, varied and wholly appropriate to the recording.

SACD and HDCD are equally impressive, but I bought it for the CD reproduction, and I really don't have enough recordings to justify a fair critique. But friends of mine who own the LIndemann and many SACDs say it is without peer in that category.

One caution: take Christian up on his 30-day trial only if you are prepared to buy it. You'll have a tough time letting it go. -- David
friend of mine who has goldmund system,he tried lindemann againts musical fidelity tri-vista and prefered tri-vista.
Tri vista beats Lidemann?
Lindemann is very sensitive to vibration.
Take care of vibration, you will find the Lindemann is unbeatable.
While my Lindemann is on a level 5 Mana stand, I have found its feet better than Rollerblocks and Aurios. Vsfang, what are you using for isolation?
why,lindemann is unbeatable?
Although my opinon as importer of both, the Lindemann and the TightRopes could be biased, I second Vsfang here.
The Lindemann needs excellent vibration control. I use a Mana Level 3 stand with 2 Neuance shelves and recently found out that a set of TightRopes under each Lindemann footer further improves the sound.
I can only advise any audiohphile to look at the Mana- Neuance combination, which in my system could be further improved by the TightRopes. You need to experiment with different isolation devices, the results are amazing.
I use two Symposium Ultra for the unit and analog power supply with their original feet.

No offense
Never judge a thing until you have heard it.
dear vsfang,would you please tell us
why lindemann is unbeatable.(redbook).
no offense ,just curiosity

I have compared Lindemann with Levinson 390、Accuphase DP85、DCS Verdi and Linn CD 12 20 bit version in Redbook performance. In my humble opinion, Only DCS Verdi is competitive with Lindemann.

My gears:

Pre:Levinson 32
Power: Goldmund 28.4 Mono*2 (Just upgraded from SR2 mono*2
Cd player: Lindemann D680
Speakers: JBL Project K2 S9800
Cables: AQ Anaconda and Caldera
Power:Elrod EPS2、3, no conditioner

JRDG: Concentra2
CD player: Gryphon Adagio
Speakers: Wilson Sophia
Cables:Kimber Select 1111 and 3033
Power:Elrod and PS Audio

If you need further information I can e-mail privately
Tekunda, could you elaborate on what these are all about. A search has turned up nothing. Any links you could provide would be appreciated as well.
I can only stress that the unit is very sensitive to vibration isolation and power cords and takes an inordinate amount of time to break-in. It never sounds bad but is somewhat soft sounding for an extended period during break-in. I have had good luck with a Nimbus air isolation base.
Tekunda, you should also mention that many isolation devices have no benefit over the Lindemann feet. This is my experience with the RollerBlocks and Aurio and tungsten carbide balls on Mana stands.
Tekunda, I was referring to the tightropes in my earlier post. Can you provide more information?
i 've had the lindemann d680 for about 3 weeks now ,and i simply love it! the unit sits on a finite-elemante pagode master ref. rack ,and underneeth i use ssc pucks with great results. the analog power brick also rests on 2 of the ssc pucks.
power cords are the hms to the power brick ,and elrod/ anaconda vx to the main unit .i'm still experimenting which p/cord works better.the sound on red book is acuurate ,open ,detailed , but somehow a ted slow in pace.
on hdcd ,it's even more open and revealing, and accurate.
the sacd playback is just another world ! it's just incredible. i compared this unit at the ces show to the accuphase, audioaero, trivista, and the dcs gear. for $34 gs ,it better sound better ,and it did.the other names ,were not even me ,the lindemann offers a tremendous value.

one word about christian(tekunda)-- in my opinion he has recieved a real bad rap when he appeard on the scene.i met him at the last ces , and found him to be very pleasent and knowlegdable , and a pleasure to do business with. just my humble opinion.

halcro dm68 monoblocks
halcro dm8 preamp
2 finite -elemante pagode(m.r)
siltech sig6 i/cs and emperor speaker cables
anaconda vx ,elrod sig2, taipan power cords. monster cable7000, b-p-t2 all custom , plcs.