Lindemann 820

Does anyone listened to this player?
I have now a Classe Omega SACD player and i want a more natural sounding player.
Or is the Omega natural sounding?
Hi Bernhard,

If you do not know how your own player sounds to you why thinking of an other! What is natural for me is that natural for you? If you don't like the Omega then trust your ears and look( listen) for an other one. If you don't know it any more then quit listening for a ( long) period to your set. Listen to a Tivoli audio radio or something like that. Give yourself some time to find out what you like most about listening to music. It probably saves you a lot of money. Goodluck. (and don't forget to enjoy the music)
Hi, i enjoy music.
But i alsoo own Jeff Rowland Pre and Amps.
I hear from some people that JR is alsoo warm sounding.
I find that it is now to warm sounding.
So if the Classe Omega is natural i can look further.