Linbrook w/o base module vs with.

I have Tyler Acoustics Linbrooks and they are great. I am in the process of going to the next level, getting the base modules or possibly a sub woofer. Opinions on the base modules? Are they worth the money? How low do they go? Do they do the job of a sub or do they just extend the system a bit lower. TIA. Jerry
I have the full Tyler Linbrook system. The full system is rated down to 25hz. My Linbrook system replaced a set of Legacy Focus 20/20's which are rated down to 16hz and I'm not trying to bad mouth the Legacy's. That said, I give the nod to the quality & quantity of bass in the Linbrook system. While the Linbrooks are fantastic speakers without the bass modules, it's tough for me to listen without the bass modules - because they are simply fantastic. I think the bass modules take the Linbrooks beyond the next level. The full Linbrook system easily compares with speakers that list for $15-20K.
Thanks for your response
Agree with Dsiggia - the Linbrook bass modules are an integral part of the system. No sub could ever integrate as well. BTW I am an owner.