Lin Majik Vs Audio Analogue Puccini? / integrated

Hi there, I am new to audiogon, looking for a good budget integrated amp
Been looking at the Lin Majik and the Audio Analogue Puccini,
was wondering if anybody can give me some advice on what to go with,
The space I will be using is not very big and the music I listen to is mostly
rock n roll (both old and new), I would appreciate any insight or advice.
Depends on your taste in sound. Linn is quicker, lighter and more agile sounding but a little thinner and brighter. AA is more smooth, dense, rounded, but a little slower sounding. What speakers are you using?
I might be able to get spica t-50 from a friend who is selling.. I just moved to the u.s, so I am starting from scratch, would appreciate any kind of advice for an affordable integrated amp and speaker combo..if you might have any other suggestions. ..
as for sound taste, I would probably say I am more drawn to fuller smother sounds, though I do enjoy the benefits of a clear amp that is good at imaging, I tend to listen to some dense music so I enjoy hearing a defined separation of instruments and vocals

tnx Mezzanine,
So what do you say, would the linn work with spica tc-50s? or would it be to bright a combo? I have been reading some good things about the linn but fear the supposed lack in low end, would AA be abetter match?,
and how bad is the "slowness" of the AA? not sure I truly know what a slow amp sounds like.

Thanks again
The AA is an awesome amp...Its easier to listen to and matches up better I believe with the newer...brighter speakers.