Limited budget, Classical, Orchestral, Evolution

My home stereo has been evolving and changing since its inception. It has grown from that open box super-duper clearance KLH surround sound package...wait, I unfortunately still you those for rear (I know, I know. I don't know why.) Anyway my current system consists the follow.

Reciever: Harman Kardon DPR-1001 (impluse purchase, but a steal)
CD: Yamaha 5 disc changer CDC-502
Front: Jamo Cornet 165
Center, rear, sub: KLH package
DVD: Samsung P.O.S., but not a big issue yet.
TV: Roommates POS RCA 27" coaxal only. (SWEET)

Listening- I use it for tv, surround, classic rock, but what I would like my system to excel is classical. That is where I want to shine. Mainly big orchestral, brassy, or just brass. Most recordings of mine are NYPO and CSO, Mahler, Bruckner, Wagner...(awsome CD btw, Gabrieli Antiphonal Brass by the later CSO, Philidephia and ??? brass sections.) So I want a system for Classical strength, but to be able to enjoy a nice surround sound movie. Also maybe eventually good enough for SACD, DVD Audio.

I guess what I'm looking for from the forum is too take a jab at my current setup (go ahead, make fun of it all you want) and maybe through in some suggestions of where to start first in the evolution.

I have been thinking about getting new mains, floorstanding. I listened to PSB T45, and they sounded cleaner than some of the other floor in the same price range. They also had one that had a blemish from the factory and was priced at $330

Originally i was thinking some mags, but not sure it that is best route now.

Also NAD has caught my attention too

right now it is limited, but thinking no more than 600 for speakers.
Actually I have no more than 600 to upgrade a piece of my system. (speakers, amp, or reciever.)

THE END. I'm sure I forgot to mention some important detail needed, but this is getting way too long already. Any input about any area, except the tv and dvd, would be most appreciated.
both new speakers and seperate pre and amp would make huge improovements, Rotel is IMO a beter choice then NAD.
My first thing to upgrade would be a seperate amp and new speakers, just my current reciever as a pre, but also power the other speakers for movie applications.