limitations of red book std. or something else?

I’ve just listened to a recording of Barber’s Adagio for strings. I love this piece of music; it’s beautiful, dramatic and conveys emotion, romance, and profound sadness.

I’ve listened to various recordings of this Adagio numerous times over the past 20 years & know it well. The recording I was just listening to is (Capella Istropolitana – Naxos 8.551149).

With regard to my question…

As the piece reaches its crescendo, SPL’s increase dramatically (strings are reaching for the sonic heights). It’s at this point which I believe that I am hearing a chop-ie-ness.

I believe that this sound phenomenon has been present on every recording I've listened to (all CD) and on several different audio systems (one with the same speakers as mine).

Anyone else experience similar in regards to this piece of music? OR... Ideas as to what it is that I’m experiencing? Digital or other?

Thanks your thoughts/responses.
I've never had this experience. Could it be that because you enjoy the music so much you've maxed out the volume and your amp is clipping?
It is probably due to the musicians' bowing on their instruments, if it's what I think you're talking about. Surprising that it comes through so well on a recording, as you rarely can get that effect on record, but live it is very noticeable and you're right, this piece seems to show it up in virtually every version I have as well. Almost like a grunt from the orchestra. The musicians have to dig in for the climax, and its physical effect is to cause an audible noise apart from the music.
My old Telarc version exhibits the same sound on that crescendo. I agree with Rcprince that it's the sound of the bows on strings. The CD contains more detail than I'd really like - no romantic glow to the strings, though it is what I've heard live.
Thats an interesting theory Rcprince. I haven't seen a live performance, and it could well be physically demanding to the point of the orchestra's effort being the noise. ...Hadn't thought of that :) Thanks!
Thanks for your comments/corroboration too Ghostrider45. My audio-neuroses seems to have been put in check rather quickly here ;) LOL