Like the new look to audiogon ?

Noticed this morning that a change happened on the site.   

If you go the category section and click on Amps / Solid State,  you then see all the thumbnails of the amps that are for sale.          Its a little confusing as first you see the BOOSTED LISTINGS, then after that is the FEATURED LISTINGS.....then you see ALL THE SOLID STATE LISTINGS. 

Gone is the category view of the listings......
@gaderson  Search is temporarily not working with the sort filters. We hope to have this fixed sometime this week. 
Was working ok, but now I’m getting things not related to my search terms and sort by “low to high” does nothing. Maybe wait a day, but looks like Audiogon is no longer useful for me. 
Sure you not got Agon mixed up with eBay in that rant?

I only comment as I have had no problem with sending emails and tel numbers via messaging here and getting them sent to me, including this week?

Now Ebay heck yes they are "looking after us"  lol.

Do not think it has sunk to that here yet, at least not as of Tuesday of last week!
Pretty F___cked up I'll say.But when you figure how they try to retard sales by not allowing phone#'s or emails between members you knew whoever does their software will continue to F---ck up.Pretty lame.I like it when they say its for security as if they know more about deals than we do........F----cking lightweights.........cheers,Bob
One of the ways search doesn't work as before is with standard initials - ie BAT, B&W (even though if you enter Bowers & Wilkins the brand shows up as 'B&W (Bowers & Wilkins)'.

I used to be able to double click in the search box and about 6 brands that I commonly searched for would show up and I could just pick one of those.  That's gone.
It sucks about as much as their rates. The most stupid move I've seen a sometime.
im done wasting time searching on audiogon. They lost my business for sure

The "new look" is obviously the creation of some techie that knows nothing about audio equipment or sales.  The "spotlighted" equipment is displayed on a smaller footprint and disregards the sellers' efforts to create an appealing initial impression of the equipment that they are selling.

The best bet is to go back to the earlier format and help the technie find new duties in the administration department, human resources or indoor plumbing maintenance.
Holy cluster-f**k!!
This is THE WORST.

eBay and Audiomart...hello!
It is obviously not I who has questions on how to use is it?

Did you send email out to ALL members, not just the ones who had reached out to customer support?

But as you obviously do not seem to understand that I and others here have been assisting certain confused members on how to get round the new system I will refrain from providing further assistance.

Have a great day.

We did send an email out on how to use the new features added.

If you still have additional questions, then please contact support so we can assist you.

Good deal snackeyp!

Glad you got it figured but it should be up to Audiogon to ensure its members are aware of how to work their system.
Big black mark for them imho for refusing to accept their responsibility.
I just figured out how to switch it back,  Thanks uberwaltz.  
After you search for something you might need to click the "Search all..." button for the options box to appear on the page.  
Much better now.  Thanks

My vote is this update is not good.  
I am trying to shop on Audiogon and am completely frustrated by the experience.  I have given up for now, until they fix it.  
My guess is that this will hurt their sales and they will recognize it and make changes.  
There is a very simple fix. It should take one minute by the web developer. Just change the default setting in the code to automatically display the ’classic’ view first. In turn, the ’grid’ view becomes optional. In other words, it will be the reverse of the current functionality.

It appears that after spending all that money on the new skin, Audiogon still wishes to present a ’fresh’ look. But, Ebay seems to be doing okay with the same classic view that it’s had forever.
Macguy. It IS optional.
When you perform a search over on right hand side you will see a little box next to the drop down for ending soonest, high to low selection etc.
Click that box, give u option for grid or classic view.Pick your poison.
That’s it, done, only need do it once, site remembers by cookies your choice.
This is my first comment.  

PLEASE bring back the old format, or at least make it optional.
As we are STILL seeing numerous people complain about the site it would appear Agon maybe needed to do a little more to explain.
Maybe an email explaining the change and how to revert to classic view could be sent to every member?
Not just to the few who contacted Agon support about the issue.
glenee - They did. Just pick the little square box at the top right and pick classic view.
Why did they have to mess with something that wasn't broken. It used to be easy to scan new ads and for info on certain stuff. Now it is just plain uneasy to use.I for one don't like it , put it back the way it was.

As far as I aware the way to search has never changed and is exactly as you say.
My main issue was pretty simple but essential.
It did not matter how many times i hit enter on my keyboard nothing would happen.
Not sure when you tried it but I can state as of 5 minutes ago it is NOW working, I can assure you after the "fix" of Friday it most definitely was NOT working.
Maybe my bad for not having tested it again this morning before I replied here.
Seems like Admin are slowly and surely putting the pieces back together again.
Request to Agon Admin:

Could you enable cookies for the "Sort By" choices.

I am having to always reset the default "Ending Soon" to my preferred "Date Listed".

Thank you. 
Al - Agreed - I was just going to report the same thing. You beat me to it. Both zip code and price range work for me.
Post removed 
I can’t seem to search by zip code anymore

Near the upper left of the Audiogon home page point to "Categories," then click on either an individual category or on "Browse All Categories" in the drop-down menu that will appear. Near the bottom of the menu that will then appear on the left click the word "change" that is next to the words "zip code." How to proceed from there should be self-evident, and works for me.

both zip search and price range search are awol right now and has been reported to admin multiple times.

Regarding price range search, in the menu on the left that I referred to above just enter min and max prices in the corresponding boxes and hit "enter."

-- Al

you are correct, both zip search and price range search are awol right now and has been reported to admin multiple times.
I will email them again Monday morning to request they set these pretty simple faults to rights!
Thank you
I can't seem to search by zip code anymore
Not quite sure what you are all missing right now?
It was changed back on Friday and for the most part is near identical to previous IF you choose the classic view which you ONLY need to do once.
Yes a few search functions are , well NON functional, but hopefully they will be fixed.

If you are unsure why you  still have grid view this is what you need to do.

launch the agon site.

search for something, anything really!

when results pop up on the right hand side next to your drop down choice for ending soon, high to low low to high etc is another little box.
Click on it and gives you the option for classic view or grid view.
Choose classic view

That is it, site remembers your choice via cookies

It really IS that simple

Try it before bitching any further please!
Seriously, why is this taking so long to revert back?  
New site is an Abomination--pure and simple.You went from First to Worst

Hard to read, takes more time, frustrating, hate looking at it--

I'd rather go back to the late 70's green-screen listings than look at the "new" agon.

Looking at a'gon alternatives--its that bad. 

Fix it--Your customers are not happy
Bring back the Classic view ONLY the Grid view is total garbage.AUDIOGON WAKE UP DUDES!!!!!!!!
this SUCKS! put it back, and leave it the hell alone. email me when its changed back, Im out
In terms of style, I like it.

What I am having trouble with is organization. It is super hard for me to tell what I am looking at when a search completes.
Junk. Waste of time. Painful to use. I pretty much agree with all of the negative comments.  Glad to know I'm not alone.
Might end up saving some money though if they don't change it back.
If members here aren’t happy with the upgrade and want to sell equipment, why not just go to usaudiomart and sell there as most of the members visit that site anyways and it’s free to sell there .

There's already one out there.
Hooo Boy.... what a failure!  Makes me want to avoid this site altogether.  Anyone up for creating a better, more user friendly site...?
I would just email agon support with a list of any features you perceive to have gone awol since the latest update so they can work on fixing them.
After all they need to know before they can resolve an issue
Unfortunately, there are no headers on the restored classic view, so you cannot sort by the header.  I  should be able to sort by category or by price. That seems to have been lost.
hjow come my responce was not posted on audiogon  my spelling is better then your new web site
Since I was one of the intense critics of the new format, I must now give Audiogon credit for restoring list view as an option and apparently making it sticky.

I'm not sure why or how ANYONE at Audiogon thought the change to portholes and limited search results was in any way furthering the goal of bringing buyers and sellers together in one convenient spot, but it seems they have seen the error of their ways in the face of relentless and as far as I can tell, unanimous criticism.

Carry on...
For the last however number of years, I browsed Audiogon on an almost daily basis. It was a habit, if I'm being honest.

That browsing came to an end this week. Other than 2 days after the rollout, where I tried, unsuccessfully, to search for gear I'm interested in, I didn't bother.

Now that the announcement was made restoring the ability to use the search function as it worked before (or just actually work), I'll have to see if I resume visiting Audiogon as often as I used to. It bothers me that people at Audiogon considered the changes that were implemented as a positive or improvement. What did they see that myself and the people in this thread didn't? 
Actually the grid view did have ONE ardent supporter.......
NOBODY needs a grid view as it is VERY STUPID but Audiogon wants to keep it they should get a life.
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Well I am voting with my wallet again.
As it now looks useable I have again placed an item for sale here.
Let us see how it transpires.....
Fisheye thumbnail view is useless. I find myself leaving the site because it is so hard to see and find anything. Searches are also directing potential buyers to things other than they searched for. The free place down the block is looking better.
Well, if majority rules or at least members have any say the website should be reverting to the old style...

so far 100% against.

incredibly bad, sucks, annoying...

Thank you all for your feedback on our latest site update. We spent the week addressing technical glitches that affected filtering and browsing. In addition, search/browsing pages have been simplified based on your feedback. With these patches making search and browse stable, we are able to release the ability to choose between the Classic View you are used to and the new Grid View. Simply navigate to any search/browse page and click the View drop-down next to the Sort By Preferences to switch between the two. Your preference will be set via cookies; you will not be required to make the change every time you log in.