Like the new look to audiogon ?

Noticed this morning that a change happened on the site.   

If you go the category section and click on Amps / Solid State,  you then see all the thumbnails of the amps that are for sale.          Its a little confusing as first you see the BOOSTED LISTINGS, then after that is the FEATURED LISTINGS.....then you see ALL THE SOLID STATE LISTINGS. 

Gone is the category view of the listings......
It was great the way it was now you have to look at 72 pictures.They just keep changing everything without asking anyone ITS VERY ANNOYING.When you place your ad you must go through hundreds of product names.

The new display sucks. Can we have a option to suppress the thumbnails and display old style listing. Also noticed that within a category you cannot do any refine search.

I would suggest every member to send an email to customer support urging them to  revert back to the classic display

They need to find out how many sales are to new members and how many are to long time members.  If the vast majority are to long time members they shouldn't be making major changes.

The changes they made don't help me find something.  'Featured listings' is a bunch of marketing junk that I have no interest in and probably will have me not visiting the site very often.

Thumbnail view is worthless - doesn't show the product at all.
IF Audiogon gets enough negative feedback they will go back to the old format.Let them know if you do not like it.Thanks.
This has nothing to do with satisfying members.

This is about increasing $$ listings.

The boosted sales get full pictures up front. All others get truncated pictures. Simple way of getting sellers to pay for the boosted option.
Response time while changing pages has slowed to a snails pace. Hope they can improve that or at least let you toggle between List View and Grid View. A default viewing preference should be provided in the user profile. 
Agree.  New format totally sucks.  I really liked to browse categories before; now I get cross-eyed trying to do so, so I've given up.
Total crap. Not nearly compact enogh and it totally destroys the convenient browsing that I strongly prefer. 

Whose brilliant idea was this set of changes? Horrible and I know something about web design. 

Count me out. 

Give me the option to see the lists that I used for years. I don’t care about the pictures unless it is one of th models I am lookimg for. 
I agree. Circular thumbnails inside of the square blurry image look really bad. Trying to sort and see the newest listings and there's no option for that. Sorting for "Ending soon" shows a listing ending in 6 days and another one ending in 24 days right next to one another.

Audiogon really messed it up this time.

Probably going to save me a lot of money not browsing it several times a day looking for new items.

Thumbs down guys.
I just did another search on "Audio Research" I get 172 pages of results with exactly 8 Audio Research classifieds. Its all boosted ads and similar items. In fact non of the similar items are even close to being similar. If I had a classified posted on the site now, I'd demand a refund because no one can access the ad. Before the change, there were dozens of audio research products listed. I will list my equipment elsewhere until this gets fixed. Audiogon did write back and say this is the new feature and is much better. I disagree because it isn't functioning a they hoped or proclaim it is. 
It is terrible. I can't even look at it. Why fix what is not broken and easy to access. Also, why not have the new listing format as an option? Simply crappy as it is.
My response time has greatly improved since earlier today. The New Today and Forum listings are perfectly fine but without the List View it's just too difficult on the eyes for category browsing.  I can definitely see spending less time on the site. In a way that may be a good thing for me considering it takes very little for me to pull the trigger on something for no other reason than to give it a try. That's usually a result of browsing by category. 
The new format will make my dealer happy.   It is now easier to drive to the brick and mortar store, browse a limited selection (compared to an international one), and then drive home, than it is to find anything here I'm remotely interested in.   Happily, my dealer rocks.  Audiogon (Audio gone???), not so much.
I can’t stand the new layout. My old search method was...
Search > Sort Price Hight to Low > Show 200 items per page... and then quickly scroll through the list of items. I’m now being presented with tons of thumbnails of "similar items" that I’m not wanting to look at and sorting by price doesn’t have any effect on sorting. It’s so much easier to have a list with everything on one page versus having a ton of cluttered "similar results" thumbnails that are spread across multiple pages, not to mention that are items that I have no interest in.

I really really hope they create an option for "List View" or "Classic Mode" because Audiogon is broken to me now.

It was perfect how it was before. I want efficiency, not a flashy jumble of difficult to navigate thumbnails that are a total eye sore. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.
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rhassle said it best.... "Give me the option to see the lists that I used for years. I don’t care about the pictures unless it is one of the models I am looking for."
I have to agree this is not an improvement for Audiogon users. The search function has been rendered next to worthless.
Hate it!  Please amend this afterthought.  As members and as someone who personally has spent a lot of money selling here, don’t we have some sort of input?  Or just money input?

Nothing wrong with change, but change for the sake of change makes no sense.  Change is a good thing when there is a substantial improvement.  I’ve not read any post here indicating such.  As others have mentioned, it may be a blessing in disguise as I’ll not be on here near as much and will be richer off for it.
The classic list view was an extremely efficient way to scan for items.  I used to go through lists every night on Audiogon, but no longer.  The new format is far from user friendly so I will be spending my time researching on US Audio Mart instead.
It “Sucks”. I’ll avoid other nasty words to describe this brainless “.... Sh ty” presentation. 
Looks like you’re peeking through a keyhole. 
Oh no, not a 500!?????
How much customer research did you really do before giving birth to this abomination?

For years I have opened, looked at the few brands that interest me (each brand may me a page or two of sortable lists), find the models that interest me most, then maybe look at the pictures to see if they support the rating (most of us already know what the gear looks like, you won’t attract us to an item by its looks. This is audiogon not visualgon. We aren't lloking for a new car in blue or red) and close the damn thing.
 What you have done is create a library without the dewey decimal system. Try this... type in audioquest and quickly tell me if the coffee HDMI cable liisting from last week is still there. I could do that in seconds withou typing a bunch of crap in the search field before. Now to call up audioquest by itslef takes a miracle. Similar topics from the search for audioquest bring up everything with the word audio in it.

Don’t get me started about the mountain of bullshit that you placed at the top of the pages that forces us to scroll endlessly to find what we are seeking. I didn’t even like it when you moved the top of the list down when you introduced boosts. 

You’ve lost this long time loyal customer. I would rather fight on ebay than use this pice of dung. 
NOT an improvement, and it looks like nobody bothered to do beta-testing before inflicting this on us. Maybe it's just a matter of teething troubles, but IMO the entire concept is badly flawed and in need of rethinking. I'm extremely amused by the price-range tool--it goes up to $1.29 billion. I know high-end audio can be expensive, but maybe this is just a little optimistic?
Between this thread and the "New Look for Audiogon hard to work with" thread in "Member Reviews" there has yet to be a single piece of positive feedback. I got an email saying management is aware of both threads. Hopefully the outcry will result in getting the good old Audiogon that we loved back into play.
I can’t believe how disastrous this release turned out. As someone who was an IT developer, then moved up into management, this sort of event would cause heads to roll.

I’m not in the market for any equipment, but based on this thread, I did a few searches. As has been mentioned, what used to work simply and effectively has now become a cacophony of noise and . Instead of getting 3 or 23 results back, I get whatever the system came back with lost in the hundreds of components I didn’t search for.

Audiogon, my suggestion, a complete rollback of this change
Those photos are the view when you’ve got your head up your rear. Audiogon. And the format too.  And the search engine.
This new look for the classifieds is terrible. It’s called the ’gallery’ style. And it’s a poorly done version of it. Craigslist offers a button for choosing which style to view: list, thumbnail or gallery. Far superior!

This new layout totally misses the point of ’browsing’. Previously, if a potential buyer was searching for a specific product, they might stumble upon something else for sale by the same manufacturer.  I've purchased many things that way.  Now, it's gone.
Just searched Naim and sorted by Price: High to Low. Prices in order are $900, $2499, $1499, $3595, $1250, $995, $1200, and $2495....

That’s it. Just 8 (unsorted) Naim items and then I’m presented with Transparent cables and Martin Logan speakers and a Rod Stewart record. Seriously, WTF!

I like Rod Stewart and all but a Rod Stewart record is far from a Naim product.
I’ll add another down vote for the new gallery style ads. Don’t like it. I need to be able to see the list view, as I’m not willing to spend the time it now takes to try to scan laterally and vertically through all the ads. It’s too hard to pick out the brands/items I’m interested in. Other sites still have standard list view.

Dang, it's even worse than I thought.  Now, it appears that, while viewing a certain category, there is no search field up above into which I can type a brand name, i.e., Revel.  How am I supposed to find what I am looking for?
What a terrible terrible idea this was. It’s really bad. 
WTF it sucks. I'll go to US Audio Mart.
Completely absolutely useless and confusing !!
We have a very old saying...
"if it aint broke, don't fix it"

This change smells of somebody having to justify their existence in the Audiogon team.

As they say at WalMart, its rollback time.
Don’t like it at all.

"Similar Results" is a joke. Pulls up expired ads from 2 years ago.

Looks like a majority of undecideds. 
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I have bought and sold many items here. I stayed despite the increase in listing prices and format changes. This, however is too much. I am not quite sure what the problem was with a really easy to use search function, but what is on here now absolutely sucks. Go back to what works and permanently bury this new debacle. I have been using US Audiomart more frequently because of the new Audiogon pricing scheme, but this will be the final nail. I will do all business elsewhere if this stays. Audiogon, listen to your customers!
This new form of listing is very unattractive. The blurry outer portion with a small circle of detail makes no sense.

An absolute perfect example of not being able to see the forest for the trees. Trying to implement a change for additional ways to collect fees, but actually making it harder for potential buyers to search and see what is offered for sale. End result will likely be less overall sales and sellers listing elsewhere due to the poor response they get.
I emailed audiogon first thing this morning and echoed similar comments to everyone here. The major issue is there is no value add for th customer and the style is not mobile device driven. Their responses were that they were open to the feedback and evolving the site so let’s just see what happens. Seems most are in agreement the tile arrangement is not in line with how many folks consume the information.  
I'm shocked -- didn't they have anyone vet the site?  I used to browse the site all the time but, now it is painful.

What a poor job of an update. Browsing is dead on this site. Was a nice place to look for new stuff -- can't believe that had anyone review this prior to launch.

I'm supposed to look at some small circle inside a blury square?  Who is the idiot that thought this was a good idea?  I always look at list options -- my mind doesn't like all these boxes...

Please do a reset.
Hey, let's use thumbnails...and then hobble them. Daft.
Absolutely horrid. I sent multiple messages to support immediately, and by the responses, they really have no clue. First question was... did you do ANY usability test with users before rolling it out? Obviously not.

Wow, you think they would have learned their lesson from a few years ago when there was the uproar over changes.  This latest round of changes makes me not want to spend time browsing. They interrupted every typical navigation model I used to follow.

So damn disappointed!!
Audiogon: You have totally destroyed the functionality of this site which, until today was a daily destination for me. 
Wow! I'm sure this could've sucked worse, but I can't imagine what that would've taken - but they'll likely answer that question with their next abortion.  I'm certainly done with popping in to scan for new listings - no longer worth my time digging through 90% of displayed listings being completely irrelevant to my search criteria.  Utterly Pathetic.


I am looking for specific items and do not want to see every item that I dont want.
+1 Agree with comments above. This update is for the worse not better.