Like the new look to audiogon ?

Noticed this morning that a change happened on the site.   

If you go the category section and click on Amps / Solid State,  you then see all the thumbnails of the amps that are for sale.          Its a little confusing as first you see the BOOSTED LISTINGS, then after that is the FEATURED LISTINGS.....then you see ALL THE SOLID STATE LISTINGS. 

Gone is the category view of the listings......
I do not like it for all the reasons expressed.
Horrendous changes to the site. Hate using it. 
“Like the new look to audiogon ?”...

I absolutely hate it. I just don't even care to go on audiogon anymore. If they don't change it back to the way it was, I'm outta here.
The  update is terrible!!!
I just don’t understand a tiny picture with blurry border. 

I have a feeling they’re going to leave it and make us get use to it.

I wrote to them about how poor the update is. . . They missed out on a sale because they made the change just as I was about to pull the trigger and I couldn’t find the listing and ended going with my dealer and paid more but had a good experience. The opacity keyhole filter is the worst. I also mentioned a few things they could do to make premium listings stand out without ruining the entire user experience. The new search feature is horrible and brings up very few listings that are relevant. I enjoyed browsing the list based system very much and could easily make searches more relevant but oftentimes would just look through what was listed just to see what was posted for a particular company. If Sales drop and listings decrease they will change the site back. 

Just have to chime in and say the new look is a step backwards.

Totally puts me off.  No more browsing. Please revert.
THe keyhole "bolded" pic is their attempt to make it a PREMIUM feel....???


Whoever had thought this was a good idea for an update needs to be sit down and taught a thing or two. 
I find the new format somewhat confusing and less user friendly. The new edition looks a lot more like a cable infomercial or television show with almost as many random commercials as program content. I would prefer an option to choose between the new format and previous one.  Craigslist might serve as a model where multiple search approaches are available. The look of the new Audiogon gives me the impression that there are actually fewer available audio listings in a given category than before. In the simplified earlier version a quick search for a given product or manufacture would produce a well organized and easily accessible list. The latest version seems to be trying to challenge shoppers/buyers to see if they can navigate the maze to try to see what if anything is available. I love Audiogon and appreciate their efforts to innovate but I do think an option to use the new or previous edition would help to possibly not alienate long time members.
They said they will allow us to use the list format...

... I personally think the thumbnail format is useless and should not even be an option.  I just tried using it again and I gave up.  The keyhole thumbnails are useless and annoying. 

Plus.... I don't like how the searches are no longer very relevant and bring up a whole lot of listings that have nothing to do with what I'm searching for. 

In the past, if I search for WIlson speakers, I would know instantly how many are on the market based on the # of pages the search would bring up, but now, it's confusing as it brings up 7 pages, and 60% are not even speakers!!
Agon admin are well aware of the situation and of these threads and the unanimous level of frustration.
I can only assume by the fact that they have NOT already rolled it back that they are working on a different fix that will still incorporate their "premium" look.
Well they may be congratulated for their perseverance but unless it is a perfect fix they may find the majority will have already jumped ship.
Imho, they should have rolled it back to give buyers and sellers a usable interface once more and then worked on a new fix offline.
Any maybe rolling it out as a beta would be a very good idea.
Audiogon will not help the sales or purchases of audio equipment by "shrinking" the equipment view into a "blank 45 paper sleeve" which is now to be viewed with 7 other "search" listings along with 48 other additional mixed "similair item" listings below it on one page. The "Search"  was designed to narrow down, not to blow up!    
I find their website overall VERY uninviting and unintuitive. It keeps me from browsing and away! I do on the other hand enjoy the weekly discussion forum...I read it every week.

Visited the site this morning. It looks like they fixed it
Their previous site allowed you to sort categories within a search, with some features that were not iPhone and iPad, despite that it was clean and easy to follow.

the new site is hard on the eyes, not easy to use and really needs a classic button or serious updates 
Just checked, still the same as it was on my browser tlong1958?
I hope they go back to the old format. The new one sucks.
I just looked at it on my iPhone, and at least the pictures of gear weren’t those stupid peering through a blurry key hole images I saw a few days ago
Wait a minute....yea, they still are using those. Never mind. Sorry.
Garbage new format.  Presumably we all know how to read so a text list is the fast and best way to research.  Pictures come after after we select..
Jeez, why did they do this? Hard to believe that someone in charge at Audiogon looked at the changes and said “yup, this is way better, let’s go with this!”
I will now say that audiogon is the worst classified site I have yet seen. Great... way to go and ruin a good thing. 
Ok, so I just tried browsing around some cadigories in my usual way and it was impossible to quickly scan the lists for price point or notice certain brands... the eye can not easily scan the page for info at all! 

And here i was ready to give them $100 for a listing. I think I’ll rethink that. 

Who wants to try to see a product by looking through a porthole?!  Horrible idea!!!!  I already have lost interest in perusing the site.
absolutely useless.....ive quit bothering.
Hope is at hand
I just reached out to Agon yet again
this is their reply.

JUL 06, 2018  | 09:53AM EDT
Tammy replied:


Trust me, we have been reading all of the posts in regards to the most recent changes.
Today, We will be introducing the ability to switch between the Classic View and the new Grid View so that users have control over their preference.
You should get an email when this has been done.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Audiogon community. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything else we can assist you with.
BIG confusing  
It F--k--g sucks ! At 67 years can not hardly see the add . This web site goes from bad to worse
New format isn't better than the old format for sure.
I agree too---why can't they just leave things that are working alone!
Still waiting for them to go back to old format this Stupid format are they joking!!!!!!
I am not looking for a picture (or peephole) approach to shopping. This update has made browsing through listings practically impossible—differentiation and discrimination among products is nearly impossible for me now. 

I’d imagine the majority of your users are on mobile devices - this makes your gallery / thumbnail hybrid style results even more challenging. 

Even Craigslist offers search results that allows users to personalize the results view: ‘list; thumb; gallery; map’. 

Please correct this—
The new display is visually confusing and makes me not want to rsearch any of the for sale items.
The new display is visually confusing and makes me not want to rsearch any of the for sale items.
if you go to a category and on the right side of the page, you will see :

Sort by and the drop down menu....and next to that you will see another drop that and it gives you the option to select the Classic View.
Actually most of this will take care of itself.......If we can't sell something then we might as well go somewhere else and sell our stuff....Its all about the money..........I wish I didn't have to say that but its true....W


if you go to a category and on the right side of the page, you will see :

Sort by and the drop down menu....and next to that you will see another drop that and it gives you the option to select the Classic View.
Thank you all for your feedback on our latest site update. We spent the week addressing technical glitches that affected filtering and browsing. In addition, search/browsing pages have been simplified based on your feedback. With these patches making search and browse stable, we are able to release the ability to choose between the Classic View you are used to and the new Grid View. Simply navigate to any search/browse page and click the View drop-down next to the Sort By Preferences to switch between the two. Your preference will be set via cookies; you will not be required to make the change every time you log in.
You are missing a critical previous functionality in the classic view. The ability to sort on a column header in the list view. Has to be there. 

Your new today view still have this for example:

From checking audiogon almost daily 1999 to 2016 to browsing perhaps once every 6-8 days since 2016...this is one user who isn’t thrilled . I sell and buy elsewhere . Not interested in this nonsense. 
Thank you for listening to your faithful!
It works!
I can easily switch between grid and classic view
Wish you had implemented that BEFORE this episode though!
Not quite taken care of all the glitches yet
I just tried to set a max price for a range of items I wanted to search and it would not take it.
so when I set to sort from high to low it took the very top price and worked down not the max price of 2500 I had set.
Fix that and I will be happy......
Yes, but now I have to navigate through TWO menus to do what I could do with one click previously.    Not sure where the logic is in this.... 
I hate it! So difficult to sort through search items.

if it ain't broken, why fix it?!