Like the new look to audiogon ?

Noticed this morning that a change happened on the site.   

If you go the category section and click on Amps / Solid State,  you then see all the thumbnails of the amps that are for sale.          Its a little confusing as first you see the BOOSTED LISTINGS, then after that is the FEATURED LISTINGS.....then you see ALL THE SOLID STATE LISTINGS. 

Gone is the category view of the listings......
@uberwaltz , I've had good luck on US Audiomart with about 5 sales. The layout of the classifieds is not very inviting, but it is definitely a viable option.
 My go to site has always been the Gon;
easy to navigate, only good experiences buying and selling, and great interaction on the forum.

I honestly hope they will restore confidence in remaining with this site.

Admins, how soon will classic list view be available? As stated, site is unusable till then. Also, the suggestion that the list view is the default setting is critical . 
I had always considered audiomart to be the very poor relation as far as audio sales were concerned.
My 2 goto sites were the Agon and eBay as search functions and layouts were first rate and intuitive.

Audiomart always seemed somewhat scrappy in comparison.
I sincerely hope Agon gets it together quickly before it is too late for them.
The new search layout is terrible. These weird little portal windows on top of the pictures is very annoying and completely pointless. Why are they obscuring the thumbnail with that?!

Also, there is no way to search by most recent listings. When you search by date it is totally random, totally broken.

Improving the search engine is welcome but the visual layout is a disaster.
Audio mart is great!   You can choose between list view or grid view and their search function works well. 
Inline with making a move this spring, over the winter, I listed a bunch of components on several sites, including Audiogon and USA Audio Mart.

Interestingly enough, I’ve received 4 inquiries in the past several days to my USA Audio Mart ads that have sold and / or expired. Previously, I’ve only had one person contact me over the past 3 months. Evidently, people have begun voting with their feet. As Yogi Berra said, "If people don’t want to go, you can’t stop them."
The daily traffic on Audiomart has been steadily increasing. And the amount of high-end audio gear for sale has increased as well. 
They're no longer a second-rate platform.
And if anybody thinks that is a coincidence then they are smoking some bad stuff!
I hate the new format.  It was so easy to navigate before.  I hate the little pictures.  It makes me want to visit the US Audio site more often now.  
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! these Asoles would screw up a good wet dream. Haven't been able to view the site since 7/1, it's gotta go or we will. I agree with 95% of the comments. So I guess just wait see for now.
I've been looking for a deal to pop up on Bowers speakers. Went to the Bowers brand, only 8 speakers showed up since the redesign. I would demand my money back if I were a seller.
I did
Was refused
Listed on USA Audiomart instead.
Everybody had a good year, everbody had a good time, everybody had a wet dream oh yeah oh yeah. 

Its over. Make the change. 

The change sucks and you can't find out what are on sale.
  Audiogon, if you are listening, please show the entire pictures of the equipment.  The circles in the thumbnails have to go. Also, the site has slowed down considerably, and the search feature is limited.  I like where your head is at, but this needs a Mk II pretty quickly.  You charge too much for your listings to have a site that is this cumbersome to use.  These are not just growing pains, as I know people complain any time there is a change, but the site is obviously worse after your "upgrade".
What I also find quite telling here is the huge number of posts from members whose first ever post this is. This tells me they got so frustrated that they decided to sign up to the forum to vent their feelings.
All in it is a pretty damning picture and I am quite perplexed as to why in the face of overwhelming evidence Agon has just not simply reversed the changes for now while they go back into their huddle and regroup.
Every hour is costing them money and supporters, some of which will not return......

this “new look” sucks and it’s useability and utility is NOW about as useless as a screen door on a submarine.
The Admin notified us that they will be providing the classic list view again.
 But since that hasn’t happened yet, methinks that they are not returning to the old format, but trying to incorporate a list view into this mess.

I have seen design problems and mistakes in websites and the IT dept. works 24 hours/day for a fix.

All right, I tried to keep an open mind on this,however, I just tried to search and this is truly Bull S#!t. You lost me.
To the powers that be in Audiogon,

Listen to your clientele and go back to your old tried and true way of displaying the items. I just checked out your new displays and all I wanted to do was leave the site. It messes with one's brain and I say that in all seriousness. There's a old saying...keep it simple s----d.
I don't understand this new formatting at all.  I'm interested in Marantz receivers and typing "Marantz" into the search bar brings me "Boosted Listing" - none of which contains an item I'm looking for, "Top Results" - which only gives me 8 items (and no way to sort by price or see other results - I am assuming there's more than 8 Marantz items for sale on Audiogon), and then "Similar Results" - which gives me 48 other items, none of which have anything to do with Marantz.

Then I get to scroll to the next page and it's an identical situation.   

In what world does this even make sense?  Who thought this was a good idea????   
Hifishark apparently still functions so that's good
hate it, terrible, sucks
Just another vote against the horrible new look. I'll look elsewhere until they can provide a 'classic' mode.
It is terrible.  About as far as a site can get from being user friendly.
I hope they’re listening. 
I’m ready to bail. 
US we come!
They took my money to sell an item and then did this. Now I can't even find my own item!!! WTF. Between this and their crazy prices for subscribing to the Blue Book...I'm out of here.

Agree with other A'goners.  This new thumbnail presentation is an abomination.  I have been with Audiogon for years, but will not pay Audogon fees for advertising if they persist with this abomination.
Major step backwards  At least give us the option to view in previous format
Seen this before  ..... "change for the sake of change"
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I don’t like it .totally not user friendly . I will start using us audio mart more often . 
I agree. The new interface/GUI whatever you want to call it, is just a royal pain to scan. Takes too much effort and time to analyze the information from a search.
The new site is terrible imo. It's a pita to find what you're looking for. I will go elsewhere to buy and sell if it remains this way. 
I just checked the browsing tab and it looks like no changes have been made.  It is hard to understand why the Audiogon people are not taking heed of the emails and Forum posts which are universally giving a thumbs down to the new marketplace format.  

Audiogon can count as lost revenue my most recent trade.  Rather than suffer through the new marketplace format where I would have listed and hopefully sold my ARC Ref 5SE pre and then buy a replacement ARC Ref 6 pre, I made the trade with a local ARC dealer and probably paid more than I would have if I did a private deal on Audiogon.  

My loss is Audiogon's lost revenue.  Audiogon, … wake up and read what serious audiophiles and long-term members are saying.

I hate the new format.  I went to the site four different days hoping it would change back.  It could not be more annoying and time consuming to find what you want.   I’m going elsewhere...  
I hate the new format.  I went to the site four different days hoping it would change back.  It could not be more annoying and time consuming to find what you want.   I’m going elsewhere...  
Definitely not a fan so far
I used to enjoy this site. -Not any more
I used to visit on a daily basis and look at all new listings in numerous categories.  In each category, I could do a quick scan down a single column to see what was new.  The new format is tedious and time-consuming.  Why would any potential buyer want to make his way through rows of marketing garbage and these new pinhole thumbnails?   I tried it for a couple of days, gave up, and just returned to check for a reversion.  No such luck.  I’m probably done here.
Don’t like it..
older display easier for me!


Another +1 to the comments above! The changes do NOTHING to improve user experience. They should have beta tested a small group of long-time A'goners and used the feedback to fine-tune before release. This iteration is an epic FAIL as far as I'm concerned. Try again Audiogon!
The new format is horrible.  If audiogon can’t give us viewing options or in this case return to the old display option,  I’m afraid I must cancel my long time membership.  Uggggg
Very unpleasant changes. Roll it back, re-examine the objectives and find a solution that isn't so off-putting.
The new format is terrible.  Before I could browse at a glance, now I have to look at photos.   It’s all been said above.  Surely you do some testing and get feedback before going live with a backward step.  
Actually Audio-Mart still has the best lay-out, easy to check, easy to buy, Audiogon should go back before it too late, audio sales are bad enough right now.....Trade wars......What's the little guy going to do ???    Audiogon , put it back !!!! 
Wow...what an incompetant decision to make these unfortunate changes to this site. I will list my turntables and other equip ent elswhere. Asylum and Audiomart will benefit from this.
Wow, I hope Audiogon is looking at the threads. It’s not just that people detest change, which is natural, but this is something nobody is behind and won’t be able to get used to. The complaints won’t just go away, but business will.