Like the new look to audiogon ?

Noticed this morning that a change happened on the site.   

If you go the category section and click on Amps / Solid State,  you then see all the thumbnails of the amps that are for sale.          Its a little confusing as first you see the BOOSTED LISTINGS, then after that is the FEATURED LISTINGS.....then you see ALL THE SOLID STATE LISTINGS. 

Gone is the category view of the listings......
I do not like this new look at all, the last incarnation was much easier to use...
Disgustingly bad design in EVERY way!
I will not be re visiting or listing while this continues.

Aweful.  What the f is up with boxes with tiny circles with pictures in them.  Just stupid work!  Waaaaay to busy, impossible to broesw without binoculars, loose it please.
Terrible new look!  Selling mostly on usaudiomart now anyway, but the new look is very hard on the eyes and makes it hard to find something quickly.  Really bad!
This new look makes web designers look bad, if they even hired any.
New format is unbearable. I can't even stand to be on this site looking anymore!

Looks like the Admins are ignoring this thread. With so much feedback, they should have reverted back or at least responded with a timeline when they are going to revert back to the previous version.This new format sucks big time.
To whom it may concern,

Your 'new look' is a debacle.  When viewership plummets taking sellers, buyers and PROFITS in kind, return to the 'old look' and fire those involved in this despicably greedy ploy.


William M Walker
milpai - There is an administrator post above saying they will restore the old format as an option. They did listen.
Please bring back the old format! It isn't easy or fun to browse anymore! 
Terrible update, please revert.
Not sure what they were thinking, I find it cumbersome and hard on the eyes. Browsing or searching is difficult. Bad updowngrade 
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No not ignoring it but they may as well be as the damage is already done.
This is Audiogon "jumping of the shark"
Did not work out too good for the Fonz either......
Great news, classic view. Thank you!
We all know change can be a good thing but the new format is not easy on the eyes way too busy confusing. 
The round peephole is a tease nothing more than an up sell and frankly I find it insulting. Please have more respect for your buyers and sellers.
I suggest you remove the peephole altogether. A small extra fee for a picture with listing seems fair.
The “marketing Genius” that came up with this “c ap” doesn’t need tone fired ; it will have learned from the feedback- hopefully - to consult with the “faithful” before changes. We’re the ones that are here, after all:)
The peephole is ridiculous. It is not enticing, it is insulting. This site has become unmanageable. If it is not rectified soon, I will be another defector.
Just my opinions, but I think with the old layout they were getting pretty good traffics that din’t translate into higher profit or sales.
With this new layout they are discouraging casual browsing that takes up bandwidth and instead only make those ads that pays premium prices to stand out more.
I was one of those casual browser with the old layout, needless to say I wont be doing much with the new layout.
Hi folks.  I feel much the same way as the posters who have negative views about the new changes.  I expressed them directly to Audiogon, and they are working on having a "classic" option, and the ability to do searches based on price (highest to lowest), which I found most helpful.

I am not defending changes made without asking our permission, but these are pretty nice folks, and it's a tiny company.  I would give them the benefit of the doubt for the next 3 or 4 days and then I think you'll find that everything settles down.

I thought I was the grumpiest audiophile by e-mailing privately.  Looks like I am a peach compared to some of you grumpsters.
You can paint it any way you like, usa audiomart has my business for now.
You do NOT roll out a major change like this one without doing a lot of homework first and I think it is pretty obvious they did zero actual consumer homework.

Call me a grumpster I can live with that
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This is absolutely HORRIBLE.   The search function is now worthless and I will most likely visit this site a lot less because browsing is damned near impossible.   

Your posts are starting to get a little "cheesy" don't ya think???
Agreed, terrible... I just want the listings... the new way is not working for me. I can't believe it's not at least an option. I'm done for now....
CAN'T FIND what I'm looking for.  Simple as that.  Little circles with
tiny pictures within them...?  Ebay is easier than this.
I emailed Audiogon privately as well and their responses seem to indicate that they are getting the message.

It would be interesting to know who put the proverbial bug in their ear to change it in the first place. 

I have a Simaudio LP 5.3 for sale on here.  If I type Simaudio in search and hit enter it doesn't even show up in the listings.  I have to type 'Simaudio' and then select Simaudio under 'Brand' for it show up.  I wonder how it works for more popular brands that have a lot more listings?

As others have said - they are trying to monetize the site but what they did was sign it's death warrant.
Fix this abomination. They should realize they are on shaky ground. I don’t know why people still use the site, when US audio Mart is free with no fees.
I feel really sorry for ANYBODY who has any items for sale here right now that were current when this change occurred.

I decided to abandon my negativity and see if I could actually find an item I was looking for.

The answer was yes but in normal mode I would have found it a lot sooner and tbh as a casual visitor I would have given up long before I found it under this new method.

I requested a refund for my listing costs due to this change and was refused so I just cancelled my listings and moved them to USA Audiomart where they will stay until they fix this mess.
The search function needs to be fixed, asap.
I try to search for a brand and come up with only 8 results and a bunch of allegedly related "similar results" underneath.

I'm glad to see people aren't pleased and posting about it.
It's a mess. The pictures of the listings are distracting and uninformative. 

I can't imagine who in their right mind thought this layout was good.

....what an awful interface...
I, too, agree with previous commentaries.
Silver lining: thank you, Audiogon, for finding usaudiomart for me!

Have to admit I have never seen such Widespread Panic to an Audiogon format change in the 20 years I have been hanging out here.  Somebody said,
they are getting the message
I sure hope so.
From their reply to me earlier today I would honestly say that they are NOT getting the message.
And I do not see any of the replies or comments here as panic, more like disgust and angst.
Put yourself in the shoes of a potential seller here who may have paid MANY dollars for a listing to then see this AND to hear potential buyers are leaving in droves.
That is the real issue this site now faces......
So are they planning on changing it back? If so, what’s taking so long? Or are they having an option where you can choose a permanent "classic view" or something similar? 

Honestly, this new version is horrible. 

to hear potential buyers are leaving in droves
Even though I was making a music-reference joke, that statement is an example of panic.  Do you have evidence that buyers are in fact leaving "in droves" or is it just the responses of the posters here, who probably make up a fairly small percentage of potential buyers that visit this site.

Don't misunderstand, I too believe the changes are ill-conceived, poorly implemented, and anything but user-friendly, but I suspect Audiogon will listen, improve the situation, and carry-on as they have done for over 20 years.  Every time they change stuff, there is always a lot of posturing and people saying "I'm leaving" but few ever do. 

However, I will say this is the largest collective disgruntlement I have ever seen here, about anything.  So they do need to listen-up.
No proof obviously but if you take the percentile of those who have bothered to post here ( and lets face it, pretty unanimous) then I would say its a very good guess.

Nothing gets people agitated nowadays like money, and for some who may have paid serious listing fees for higher priced items, this is bad news.

But here is an example, I placed an item for sale on USA audiomart yesterday morning. It sold in the evening to a buyer who was a first time visitor after reading this thread.
And that is the truth and maybe an isolated example but a bit of a coincidence don't you think.
I personally don't like the change, I say we stop buying for next little bit and see if they go back!
I am not here to argue with anybody or spread doom and gloom.
Its just how I see it from both a buyers AND sellers point of view.
Trust me I fervently hope they make the site usable again and quickly.
My morning fix of browsing the sales ads is nearly as effective as a double expresso!
I say we stop buying for next little bit and see if they go back!
Easy for me, since I don't need anything, but I do have a few things I was planning to sell - and will probably now wait.

I agree with you that US Audio Mart has improved considerably and certainly offers legitimate competition for used audio gear listings and sales.  To roll out the changes seen here just prior to 4th of July weekend is the business equivalent to shooting yourself in the foot.

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07-02-2018 9:04am
IF Audiogon gets enough negative feedback they will go back to the old format.Let them know if you do not like it.Thanks.

No, they won't.

Part of my email response to Audiogon read...
"If you can introduce a 100% classic view by tomorrow you might get most of the Audiogon user base to come back. Here's the kicker... Classic View needs to be default and this new screwed up view needs to be the OPTION and not the other way around. By having the classic view be the OPTION and not the other way around that's basically saying "We heard you community but we don't give a flying f*ck about your preference"."

Audiogon responded...
"Well said.
Passing along your comments to the Powers to be.
Trust me, we are working on getting things back to normal."

Hopefully this is a good sign that all of our protest is not falling on deaf ears and that we'll be back to normal soon. Let's all cross our fingers and hope for the best.
I just went looking for a home theater processor. 

This is a horrible shopping experience. 

That is all. 


Classic View needs to be default and this new screwed up view needs to be the OPTION
Good idea not sam, you should apply for Chief Operating Officer.
In all seriousness, if they take not sam's advice, and if they share the user names of those who prefer the "new screwed up view" OPTION, then at least we will know who the weirdos are.....
I suppose I really should be grateful.
One less site to peruse to waste money on items I know I do not really need but......
The powers that be are very lucky to have rolled out this new format during a holiday week since there is very low traffic on the site. The forum has few new posts and consists mostly of talk about the unusable classifieds.
  But for the dedicated members, the damage has been done even after the site is corrected.

I would agree entirely lowrider.
I had never previously had any real desire to use audiomart but after my success yesterday I now consider it a very viable option indeed.
USaudiomart is just an ugly, ugly site from an aesthetic standpoint..... BUT it is now much easier to find items than Audiogon.   I honestly hope that the powers that be on Audiogon change it back soon.  I have no idea what would be taking so long. 

Also, I was a member a long time ago, lost all my login information and had to start a new account.  I browse this site almost daily and this is the first time I have felt the need to visit the forum to post my displeasure with the new layout.  
The new style is useless. You cannot determine what the images are trying to show in the thumbnails (with the strange "portal view" cutting off most of the image). 

The results have nothing to do with what you search for. I did a couple of searches and simply closed the windows. Useless and a waste of time.

The new style is terrible.  Please revert.