Like the new look to audiogon ?

Noticed this morning that a change happened on the site.   

If you go the category section and click on Amps / Solid State,  you then see all the thumbnails of the amps that are for sale.          Its a little confusing as first you see the BOOSTED LISTINGS, then after that is the FEATURED LISTINGS.....then you see ALL THE SOLID STATE LISTINGS. 

Gone is the category view of the listings......
Totally agree with all comments!! Was perfectly satisfied with the previous layout. Not just because it is 'different' and 'unfamiliar'... this layout is horrible or worse. PLEASE fix this!
It appears the powers that be are out of touch with the qualities that made this site good. Each time they make a change it gets further away and i imagine it drives away some of the core braintrust. Anybody can buy stuff,but it is the questions and forums that are the gourmet meal here.Now it looks like fast food.Overthought makes us overwrought.The man always messin' with our stuff!
In a strange way, this was kind of a great upgrade at the perfect time. Let me explain... I am now retired. I have not purchased nor sold anything for quite a while as I've had just a few other things to attend to - but now all that has changed. At home we've discussed for a while what we might downsize plus what I might upsize - my whole system in the den, specifically. That is now an easy choice - there is no way on God's green earth that I would list anything nor buy the gear I've been lusting for using Audiogon. Thanks to the brilliant folks at Agon for making that decision pretty darned easy.
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Hate it. I'm looking for amps that were listed yesterday and can't find them. I'm sure they all didn't sell. And the round thumbnails inside the larger box are too small to see what the product is when using small screen devices. Why show a round pic that's a fraction of the actual thumbnail square? I hope they get the bugs out. 
Simply put, the new style provides a smaller access to information in a confusing graphic mode.  It takes more time to find an item that I could locate in seconds in the old format.  Graphics do not always make things better.

To put it in even more simple terms, it’s like a monkey **cking a football.

I have emailed Agon and demanded a full refund for monies paid for my listings as the site is now basically junk and sales will plummet accordingly.
If all present sellers do likewise maybe they will extract their heads from where the sun does not shine!
I'll agree in hopes that Audiogon is reading this and changes or ditches the new look ASAP. The new format is cumbersome, not customizable at all, and searches provide way more irrelevant results than they did before. As stated in comments above, it just plain sucks. Audiogon: sometimes simpler IS better. (Actually, that's the case more often than not!)
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The people that thought this was a good idea must be the same people fired from Pontiac that green lighted the Aztek. 
I do not think too many people just want to search one brand.
When I am on the lookout for new speakers say I would just enter a max price then sort as highest to lowest and work down the list.
Make no doubt unless Agon roll this back before the week is over they will lose the vast majority of their selling clientele.
USA audiomart sucks too but nowhere to the extent that this debacle does.

Its not working for me I'm seeing to many listing its wasting my time.
Why is the product inside a circle..its like looking to a hole you're wasting space...

Thunbnails in grid view is great and way past due.  Obscuring the images is counterproductive, tacky, wasteful, insulting. Take your pick.   Fix that.   Have a list option too.   
Guess each to their own Mapman.
I personally hate the grid view that eBay tries to foist on you for example but I am just an old fart, what do I know.....
Couldn’t agree more, guys .... these changes are a DISASTER!

I HATE, HATE, HATE the stupid keyhole look. Only an idiot could have designed this AND thought anyone would like it!

Ive been a member over 15 years with 120 buy/sells .... I’m going to usaudiomart in the future.
Don't like it at all! Glad I'm set for now while this gets worked out! Yuk!!!!!
Don't like it at all! Glad I'm set for now while this gets worked out! Yuk!!!!!
horrible. a daily site for me for many years blown up in an instant.
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Like many, Audiogon was part of my day everyday for years.  I'll add another "this sucks".  
Agree with comments above.  I am having a problem with following units for sale by manufacturer.  Maybe it's there but I haven't figured it out yet.  Audiogon, please go back to the old format.
I have to think they will soon realize the number of new ads getting purchased has collapsed.  No one who has experienced this mess will use Audiogon unless and until they revert to the format that worked.  That’s likely the most effective way of getting them to back these changes out.
I don't like it. What is the point of the porthole photos? They look really silly. I like a simple list view. 
Not liking it. I’m sure I haven’t figured it out but I’m not seeing how to find items for sale near my zip code. Used to be able to set up a distance and see what’s near me; all I find now is only what’s in my zip code and not others near me. Wonder what this cost them? Crappy template... too bad.

i figured out the zip code search... it’s there but buried a little. 
The mods deleted my first post because I spelled out shi**y.
The price range tool bar is worthless. 
Not a good update.

No way to see the newest listings as it used to be. Option "by date" mixes everything in some random order. Grid instead of a list is way less convenient. I gave up for now.

Bring back old format. It worked.
IT Blows !  Not a good move and after 18 years here as a member, you have made really bone head moves...….this is your best one by far . US Audio Mart '' looks '' a lot better now.  
Absolutely pathetic! This is the finest example of a company completely out of touch with their customer base caring only about increased revenues. Been a member for many years and have tolerated the egregious fees because at least the product worked.The only upside is for the dealers which is where I'm headed to trade in all the gear I WAS going to post yesterday until I ran into this shit show. I'm gone A'GON!
Not a fan of the new search.  Totally useless and a big waste of time scanning a bumch of unrelated pics.  US Audio Mart is looking better and better.
I can't even get through page 1 without giving up. Terrible.
The new format is terrible. What is with the thumbnails!
Do Not Place New Ads.

Pull existing Ads if you can.

Take Action; Dry up Their money.

Go to US Audiomart.

Support a Dealer. If you don’t have a dealer near you. TMR is Highly recommended. 
Absolutely dreadful and unusable. I normally check in once or twice a day but I won't be back unless this is fixed.  If you want to improve the site, focus on fine tuning what we had. A real shame!
The new site design is absolutely awful.  Designed by an IT shop without any customer input.  If no improvements soon, the customer base should migrate to USA Audio Mart instead.  It's free, too!  
This new format is awful!  I agree all the comments above. I use to poke through audio gone a few times a week.  But it's unusable now.  I'll check back in a month and see if its fixed.  Otherwise I might just stick with ebay or usaudiomart.  
Just sent a comment email to A'gon asking them to go back to the old set up.  

The techies can't seem to keep their young hands off our computers.  

Young people, ... didn't you ever hear the expression, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."   :( 
The owners/managers of Audiogon are clueless idiots.  

I gave up on selling gear on Audiogon back when the new owners/managers took over and raised the fees.  But I still visited whenever I was interested in buying something or just wanted to browse the listings.  Now with the changes in the Search function, it is honestly not worth my time.  Audiogon is now Audiogone!
The new format is pretty much unusable. I really wonder if they did any user research before implementing this change.  Without the list view, it is very painful to do a quick look at what is for sale.

The natural instinct is to resist change. But, in this case, the reactions to the change are more than just resisting change. The new format just does not work for me.
Agree with all of the posts above. This new format is terrible!
Very difficult to get thru the listings with the new look.  I scanned one page, then left.  Before I looked at EVERY listing, EVERY day.  This will definitely reduce the number of listings that I look at.

Much prefer the old look.
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I'm looking at it right now and it's still the thumbnails for me???
Go back to the old format!
Just checked, still stupid new search format.
I just tried to find one of my items for sale, gave up
This WILL break Agon unless they listen and fix it now.
I am going to do my shopping on the many other alternatives to agon maybe in a few weeks I will check back to see what's left of this site. 

I own a bakery/cafe and am very sensitive to bad reviews, and am usually forgiving of bad experiences because I sure know the challenges of running a business....

But, what happened, Audiogon? I hope my ONE STAR review is just temporary! Please withdraw this update and try again of you feel compelled.

This is not an improvement.  It takes a mature web site master to admit his or her mistakes and restore what worked.  IT professionals are among the most difficult people I have ever worked with.  They don't care one bit what users want or prefer.  It's all about impressing potential employers and building a resume.  Change purely for the sake of change.  Without constant change, many of these folks would be unemployed.  But change (as we know from the previous administration) is not always for the better.