Like the new look to audiogon ?

Noticed this morning that a change happened on the site.   

If you go the category section and click on Amps / Solid State,  you then see all the thumbnails of the amps that are for sale.          Its a little confusing as first you see the BOOSTED LISTINGS, then after that is the FEATURED LISTINGS.....then you see ALL THE SOLID STATE LISTINGS. 

Gone is the category view of the listings......

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It's just another way to make you pay $$ more for listing.
Now if you really want your ad to remotely be seen you have to pay more.
Just my opinions, but I think with the old layout they were getting pretty good traffics that din’t translate into higher profit or sales.
With this new layout they are discouraging casual browsing that takes up bandwidth and instead only make those ads that pays premium prices to stand out more.
I was one of those casual browser with the old layout, needless to say I wont be doing much with the new layout.