Like the new look to audiogon ?

Noticed this morning that a change happened on the site.   

If you go the category section and click on Amps / Solid State,  you then see all the thumbnails of the amps that are for sale.          Its a little confusing as first you see the BOOSTED LISTINGS, then after that is the FEATURED LISTINGS.....then you see ALL THE SOLID STATE LISTINGS. 

Gone is the category view of the listings......

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Yes, but now I have to navigate through TWO menus to do what I could do with one click previously.    Not sure where the logic is in this.... 
This is absolutely HORRIBLE.   The search function is now worthless and I will most likely visit this site a lot less because browsing is damned near impossible.   
So are they planning on changing it back? If so, what’s taking so long? Or are they having an option where you can choose a permanent "classic view" or something similar? 

Honestly, this new version is horrible. 

USaudiomart is just an ugly, ugly site from an aesthetic standpoint..... BUT it is now much easier to find items than Audiogon.   I honestly hope that the powers that be on Audiogon change it back soon.  I have no idea what would be taking so long. 

Also, I was a member a long time ago, lost all my login information and had to start a new account.  I browse this site almost daily and this is the first time I have felt the need to visit the forum to post my displeasure with the new layout.  
I don't understand this new formatting at all.  I'm interested in Marantz receivers and typing "Marantz" into the search bar brings me "Boosted Listing" - none of which contains an item I'm looking for, "Top Results" - which only gives me 8 items (and no way to sort by price or see other results - I am assuming there's more than 8 Marantz items for sale on Audiogon), and then "Similar Results" - which gives me 48 other items, none of which have anything to do with Marantz.

Then I get to scroll to the next page and it's an identical situation.   

In what world does this even make sense?  Who thought this was a good idea????