Like the new look to audiogon ?

Noticed this morning that a change happened on the site.   

If you go the category section and click on Amps / Solid State,  you then see all the thumbnails of the amps that are for sale.          Its a little confusing as first you see the BOOSTED LISTINGS, then after that is the FEATURED LISTINGS.....then you see ALL THE SOLID STATE LISTINGS. 

Gone is the category view of the listings......

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Well I am voting with my wallet again.
As it now looks useable I have again placed an item for sale here.
Let us see how it transpires.....
I have emailed Agon and demanded a full refund for monies paid for my listings as the site is now basically junk and sales will plummet accordingly.
If all present sellers do likewise maybe they will extract their heads from where the sun does not shine!
We have a very old saying...
"if it aint broke, don't fix it"

This change smells of somebody having to justify their existence in the Audiogon team.

As they say at WalMart, its rollback time.
I do not think too many people just want to search one brand.
When I am on the lookout for new speakers say I would just enter a max price then sort as highest to lowest and work down the list.
Make no doubt unless Agon roll this back before the week is over they will lose the vast majority of their selling clientele.
USA audiomart sucks too but nowhere to the extent that this debacle does.

Guess each to their own Mapman.
I personally hate the grid view that eBay tries to foist on you for example but I am just an old fart, what do I know.....
Just checked, still stupid new search format.
I just tried to find one of my items for sale, gave up
This WILL break Agon unless they listen and fix it now.
Auto reply from Agon
I say auto as surely no human with an ounce of common sense could have seriously typed this reply!

JUL 03, 2018  | 09:28AM EDT
Sarah replied:

Hi Kevin,

Thanks so much for your feedback on this. It truly is invaluable.

Our research shows that the new layout will be a boon to the site and will increase the browsing experience over time but we do need to work on the bugs and tweek some of the features.

We are working on this and we appreciate your patience while we work on those issues.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Audiogon community. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything else we can assist you with.

In an effort to improve your customer service experience here at Audiogon, we'd like you to rate the service you received today here. Check out what other users are saying about Audiogon as well here.
Thank you,
Audiogon Support Team

Hopefully this action will start to hurt and make Agon react.
I was in the process of buying an item until this debacle occurred.
I notified the seller that I will not give Agon any of my custom until they fix this mess.
Now if some of the larger sellers get more instances like this Agon will have to listen and act.

Yes that was just a direct copy and paste of their email reply to me from this morning.
Truly I could not make something as silly as that up!

As you say it shows that they have no grasp as to the enormity of the unfolding situation and are going to attempt to just stick their head in the sand and wait till the ruckuss dies down.
Unfortunately when they reappear they may just find themselves all on their own!
And Agon think this is all ok and will sort itself out.
TBH they do not deserve any future business.
Just placed my items on ebay and craigslist for now
Will look at usa audiomart later.
Your Agon email reply is basically a carbon copy of mine proving it is just a canned response and that they really do not have a clue.


Let them take the thread down and ban all the naysayers on it, what would that really matter? They have already committed Hari Kari.
Are you actually selling anything here Mapman?
I do not believe so and if you were then you might not be quite so glib about the situation.

Also if their present email replies are anything to go by then they do not seem to actually be aware of the huge blunder they have made.
Just my thoughts...….
Thank you for at least realizing you have a major issue Admin.

My for sale items are presently moved to other sites and will only return after you have resolved present issues to the majority satisfaction.

Have a great 4th July, you certainly brought the fireworks!
I would say the masses are revolting.

Well I tend to say that about most people regardless but you get my drift.

Will be interesting to see if Agon can recover from this.....
Can't say as I disagree on them having the option of grid view Mapman.
What was/is ludicrous is that they would roll out some half baked attempt that satisfies NOBODY.
in today's fast moving world you rarely get a chance to make matters right after such a serious disaster without suffering some pretty large consequential damages.

I just sold an item on audiomart that I would have listed here.
No not ignoring it but they may as well be as the damage is already done.
This is Audiogon "jumping of the shark"
Did not work out too good for the Fonz either......
You can paint it any way you like, usa audiomart has my business for now.
You do NOT roll out a major change like this one without doing a lot of homework first and I think it is pretty obvious they did zero actual consumer homework.

Call me a grumpster I can live with that
I feel really sorry for ANYBODY who has any items for sale here right now that were current when this change occurred.

I decided to abandon my negativity and see if I could actually find an item I was looking for.

The answer was yes but in normal mode I would have found it a lot sooner and tbh as a casual visitor I would have given up long before I found it under this new method.

I requested a refund for my listing costs due to this change and was refused so I just cancelled my listings and moved them to USA Audiomart where they will stay until they fix this mess.
I am not here to argue with anybody or spread doom and gloom.
Its just how I see it from both a buyers AND sellers point of view.
Trust me I fervently hope they make the site usable again and quickly.
My morning fix of browsing the sales ads is nearly as effective as a double expresso!
From their reply to me earlier today I would honestly say that they are NOT getting the message.
And I do not see any of the replies or comments here as panic, more like disgust and angst.
Put yourself in the shoes of a potential seller here who may have paid MANY dollars for a listing to then see this AND to hear potential buyers are leaving in droves.
That is the real issue this site now faces......
I suppose I really should be grateful.
One less site to peruse to waste money on items I know I do not really need but......
No proof obviously but if you take the percentile of those who have bothered to post here ( and lets face it, pretty unanimous) then I would say its a very good guess.

Nothing gets people agitated nowadays like money, and for some who may have paid serious listing fees for higher priced items, this is bad news.

But here is an example, I placed an item for sale on USA audiomart yesterday morning. It sold in the evening to a buyer who was a first time visitor after reading this thread.
And that is the truth and maybe an isolated example but a bit of a coincidence don't you think.
I would agree entirely lowrider.
I had never previously had any real desire to use audiomart but after my success yesterday I now consider it a very viable option indeed.
I had always considered audiomart to be the very poor relation as far as audio sales were concerned.
My 2 goto sites were the Agon and eBay as search functions and layouts were first rate and intuitive.

Audiomart always seemed somewhat scrappy in comparison.
I sincerely hope Agon gets it together quickly before it is too late for them.
And if anybody thinks that is a coincidence then they are smoking some bad stuff!
I did
Was refused
Listed on USA Audiomart instead.
What I also find quite telling here is the huge number of posts from members whose first ever post this is. This tells me they got so frustrated that they decided to sign up to the forum to vent their feelings.
All in it is a pretty damning picture and I am quite perplexed as to why in the face of overwhelming evidence Agon has just not simply reversed the changes for now while they go back into their huddle and regroup.
Every hour is costing them money and supporters, some of which will not return......
Agon admin are well aware of the situation and of these threads and the unanimous level of frustration.
I can only assume by the fact that they have NOT already rolled it back that they are working on a different fix that will still incorporate their "premium" look.
Well they may be congratulated for their perseverance but unless it is a perfect fix they may find the majority will have already jumped ship.
Imho, they should have rolled it back to give buyers and sellers a usable interface once more and then worked on a new fix offline.
Any maybe rolling it out as a beta would be a very good idea.
Just checked, still the same as it was on my browser tlong1958?
Hope is at hand
I just reached out to Agon yet again
this is their reply.

JUL 06, 2018  | 09:53AM EDT
Tammy replied:


Trust me, we have been reading all of the posts in regards to the most recent changes.
Today, We will be introducing the ability to switch between the Classic View and the new Grid View so that users have control over their preference.
You should get an email when this has been done.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Audiogon community. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything else we can assist you with.
Not quite taken care of all the glitches yet
I just tried to set a max price for a range of items I wanted to search and it would not take it.
so when I set to sort from high to low it took the very top price and worked down not the max price of 2500 I had set.
Fix that and I will be happy......
Thank you for listening to your faithful!
It works!
I can easily switch between grid and classic view
Wish you had implemented that BEFORE this episode though!
Actually the grid view did have ONE ardent supporter.......
I would just email agon support with a list of any features you perceive to have gone awol since the latest update so they can work on fixing them.
After all they need to know before they can resolve an issue
Not quite sure what you are all missing right now?
It was changed back on Friday and for the most part is near identical to previous IF you choose the classic view which you ONLY need to do once.
Yes a few search functions are , well NON functional, but hopefully they will be fixed.

If you are unsure why you  still have grid view this is what you need to do.

launch the agon site.

search for something, anything really!

when results pop up on the right hand side next to your drop down choice for ending soon, high to low low to high etc is another little box.
Click on it and gives you the option for classic view or grid view.
Choose classic view

That is it, site remembers your choice via cookies

It really IS that simple

Try it before bitching any further please!
you are correct, both zip search and price range search are awol right now and has been reported to admin multiple times.
I will email them again Monday morning to request they set these pretty simple faults to rights!
Thank you

As far as I aware the way to search has never changed and is exactly as you say.
My main issue was pretty simple but essential.
It did not matter how many times i hit enter on my keyboard nothing would happen.
Not sure when you tried it but I can state as of 5 minutes ago it is NOW working, I can assure you after the "fix" of Friday it most definitely was NOT working.
Maybe my bad for not having tested it again this morning before I replied here.
Seems like Admin are slowly and surely putting the pieces back together again.
As we are STILL seeing numerous people complain about the site it would appear Agon maybe needed to do a little more to explain.
Maybe an email explaining the change and how to revert to classic view could be sent to every member?
Not just to the few who contacted Agon support about the issue.
Macguy. It IS optional.
When you perform a search over on right hand side you will see a little box next to the drop down for ending soonest, high to low selection etc.
Click that box, give u option for grid or classic view.Pick your poison.
That’s it, done, only need do it once, site remembers by cookies your choice.
Good deal snackeyp!

Glad you got it figured but it should be up to Audiogon to ensure its members are aware of how to work their system.
Big black mark for them imho for refusing to accept their responsibility.
It is obviously not I who has questions on how to use is it?

Did you send email out to ALL members, not just the ones who had reached out to customer support?

But as you obviously do not seem to understand that I and others here have been assisting certain confused members on how to get round the new system I will refrain from providing further assistance.

Have a great day.
Sure you not got Agon mixed up with eBay in that rant?

I only comment as I have had no problem with sending emails and tel numbers via messaging here and getting them sent to me, including this week?

Now Ebay heck yes they are "looking after us"  lol.

Do not think it has sunk to that here yet, at least not as of Tuesday of last week!