Like the new look to audiogon ?

Noticed this morning that a change happened on the site.   

If you go the category section and click on Amps / Solid State,  you then see all the thumbnails of the amps that are for sale.          Its a little confusing as first you see the BOOSTED LISTINGS, then after that is the FEATURED LISTINGS.....then you see ALL THE SOLID STATE LISTINGS. 

Gone is the category view of the listings......

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Between this thread and the "New Look for Audiogon hard to work with" thread in "Member Reviews" there has yet to be a single piece of positive feedback. I got an email saying management is aware of both threads. Hopefully the outcry will result in getting the good old Audiogon that we loved back into play.
I can’t stand the new layout. My old search method was...
Search > Sort Price Hight to Low > Show 200 items per page... and then quickly scroll through the list of items. I’m now being presented with tons of thumbnails of "similar items" that I’m not wanting to look at and sorting by price doesn’t have any effect on sorting. It’s so much easier to have a list with everything on one page versus having a ton of cluttered "similar results" thumbnails that are spread across multiple pages, not to mention that are items that I have no interest in.

I really really hope they create an option for "List View" or "Classic Mode" because Audiogon is broken to me now.

It was perfect how it was before. I want efficiency, not a flashy jumble of difficult to navigate thumbnails that are a total eye sore. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.
rhassle said it best.... "Give me the option to see the lists that I used for years. I don’t care about the pictures unless it is one of the models I am looking for."
Just searched Naim and sorted by Price: High to Low. Prices in order are $900, $2499, $1499, $3595, $1250, $995, $1200, and $2495....

That’s it. Just 8 (unsorted) Naim items and then I’m presented with Transparent cables and Martin Logan speakers and a Rod Stewart record. Seriously, WTF!

I like Rod Stewart and all but a Rod Stewart record is far from a Naim product.
Part of my email response to Audiogon read...
"If you can introduce a 100% classic view by tomorrow you might get most of the Audiogon user base to come back. Here's the kicker... Classic View needs to be default and this new screwed up view needs to be the OPTION and not the other way around. By having the classic view be the OPTION and not the other way around that's basically saying "We heard you community but we don't give a flying f*ck about your preference"."

Audiogon responded...
"Well said.
Passing along your comments to the Powers to be.
Trust me, we are working on getting things back to normal."

Hopefully this is a good sign that all of our protest is not falling on deaf ears and that we'll be back to normal soon. Let's all cross our fingers and hope for the best.