Like the new look to audiogon ?

Noticed this morning that a change happened on the site.   

If you go the category section and click on Amps / Solid State,  you then see all the thumbnails of the amps that are for sale.          Its a little confusing as first you see the BOOSTED LISTINGS, then after that is the FEATURED LISTINGS.....then you see ALL THE SOLID STATE LISTINGS. 

Gone is the category view of the listings......

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Have to admit I have never seen such Widespread Panic to an Audiogon format change in the 20 years I have been hanging out here.  Somebody said,
they are getting the message
I sure hope so.
Most here don't seem to like change. I have been here a long time and it seems that everytime Audiogon makes changes they believe will better the site, people cry foul, question their motives, whine, pout and threaten to leave forever because the grass is always greener (at US Audio Mart, etc.)......
What I have mostly seen is that Audiogon listens to the feedback (especially if provided constructively) and then continues to modify and improve based on what users are saying. I have every confidence they will get this right eventually.
In this case, I agree with most that the tile layout is cumbersome and the "looking through a porthole pictures are simply dumb." I get that paying more gives those advertisers an upper berth while the others are below decks, but I suggest simply omitting the pictures for ads that are not upgraded. Giving us the option for a "classic (i.e., list) view" is a good recovery, but a beta run of the new layout and request for feedback would have been a more effective approach since there are some pretty smart folks here that would have appreciated the respect of being asked their opinion and the opportunity to weigh in on a trial version.
If it ain't broke......
to hear potential buyers are leaving in droves
Even though I was making a music-reference joke, that statement is an example of panic.  Do you have evidence that buyers are in fact leaving "in droves" or is it just the responses of the posters here, who probably make up a fairly small percentage of potential buyers that visit this site.

Don't misunderstand, I too believe the changes are ill-conceived, poorly implemented, and anything but user-friendly, but I suspect Audiogon will listen, improve the situation, and carry-on as they have done for over 20 years.  Every time they change stuff, there is always a lot of posturing and people saying "I'm leaving" but few ever do. 

However, I will say this is the largest collective disgruntlement I have ever seen here, about anything.  So they do need to listen-up.
I say we stop buying for next little bit and see if they go back!
Easy for me, since I don't need anything, but I do have a few things I was planning to sell - and will probably now wait.

I agree with you that US Audio Mart has improved considerably and certainly offers legitimate competition for used audio gear listings and sales.  To roll out the changes seen here just prior to 4th of July weekend is the business equivalent to shooting yourself in the foot.
Classic View needs to be default and this new screwed up view needs to be the OPTION
Good idea not sam, you should apply for Chief Operating Officer.
In all seriousness, if they take not sam's advice, and if they share the user names of those who prefer the "new screwed up view" OPTION, then at least we will know who the weirdos are.....