Like the new look to audiogon ?

Noticed this morning that a change happened on the site.   

If you go the category section and click on Amps / Solid State,  you then see all the thumbnails of the amps that are for sale.          Its a little confusing as first you see the BOOSTED LISTINGS, then after that is the FEATURED LISTINGS.....then you see ALL THE SOLID STATE LISTINGS. 

Gone is the category view of the listings......

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It was great the way it was now you have to look at 72 pictures.They just keep changing everything without asking anyone ITS VERY ANNOYING.When you place your ad you must go through hundreds of product names.
IF Audiogon gets enough negative feedback they will go back to the old format.Let them know if you do not like it.Thanks.
Bring back the old format get rid of these STUPID pictures with the DUMB circles PLEASE WAKE UP QUICK before there are NO members left.HELLO!!!!!!!Thanks Admin.
Still waiting for them to go back to old format this Stupid format are they joking!!!!!!
NOBODY needs a grid view as it is VERY STUPID but Audiogon wants to keep it they should get a life.
Bring back the Classic view ONLY the Grid view is total garbage.AUDIOGON WAKE UP DUDES!!!!!!!!