Like my current gear, only better...

Okay, I'm finally getting financially stable enough to think about purchasing a new CD player and integrated amp. I like the overall sound that I get from the NAD gear. I would like something a little more refined, but without sacrificing any of the slam or tightness that I can draw from my system right now.

I plan on purchasing this gear new. To purchase something used it MUST have a transferable warranty. I've had too much bad luck with my gear to do anything else.

I'm looking at spending less than $1,000 for each piece.

I haven't had much of a chance to try different gear with my speakers, with two expceptions. I've heard them with some ARC gear and LOVED the sound, but it is clearly out of my price range. I've also had an Arcam CD player and amp in my system and, while it did sound much more musical, it felt a little too polite for my tastes.

I won't put in tubes, since I have a 14-month-old who likes to play with his Daddy's stereo, and I don't want to restrict that.

My musical tastes fall deep into the Techno/electronica, with a lot of rock, some hip-hop, and occasionally jazz or classical.

So, does any gear out there fit my needs?
How about a Rega Planet new (recently discontinued, good deals may be available!) and a SimAudio I-3 integrated used? SimAudio carries a ten year manufacturers warranty, not sure if that carries over to non-original owner though.
your going to be very limited in your choices of gear due to a transferable warranty being a must.
If you like NAD, then give Rotel a listen.There are few better deals in hi-fi than the 1062 integrated matched with the 1072 cdp.
How about Kavent at Kellsie's audio and video in NY.
Good Luck