like Madonna's "music"CD but why cowgirl

The cover art seems to have ZERO to do with the music on "music" Any clues as to why the cover has this design? I like the music by the way.. the odd effects are really musical,much more so than most other users of the sound bite crowd.
Just another "phase" for material girl, she has video on MTV
with cowboy motif, where she is just walking along some back road with cowboy duds on, so cover art must tie in with this song, sorry don't know the title and don't own this CD.

I thought previous CD "ray of light" best since debut CD, with very creative uses of electronica sounds. Also the two
videos from this CD "frozen" and "ray of light" are excellent.

as in most cases in American Pop music, style is more important than substance.
When it comes to pop, image sells. Fashion is more important than substance and this is a style that can promote and identify her sh** to the masses.
Remember Urban Cowboy? How many of you still have the boots and the hat? I still do. The cowboy bars in my state have long since closed but me and the missus did learn to two-step.
you call that style "cowgirl"? out here in colorado, where we still have working ranches, we regard that look as "bordello chic." well, not all that chic. "like a virgin"? right. where madonna grew up, a "virgin" was an ugly 10-year-old.
"cause cowboys stay in the saddle just a little bit longer" David Allan Coe
I think that the cowgirl look is as fresh and brave as her music. She really brings new ideas into the mainstream in her attempt at differentiating herself and connecting to her audience. I think that she made her decision for the sake of fashion, and fashion to me is another avenue of, music, the unexpected, a refreshing view of the world, not the overtly obvious. I think it is serious; she has taken "techno" and made it her own as she has the "cow girl" look too. I have a lot of respect for what she is trying to do. I do really like the first two tracks of "Music" very much.

I think that the term "fad and phase" can be labeled to any endeavor...if you want to knock it. The feelings that you have for someone, the feelings that you would like to call "love" can be labeled a "phase" by someone else. But what it comes down to is the feeling is here now. It exists, and it's impact is very real, it gives you joy. If you think that music effects you in any way, that it changes you as a person, then be glad that it has given you joy now, and that you will be a more mature person as a result. Maturity from Madonna? Of course, you can also get it from Merle Haggard, John Coltrane, Cesaria Evora, PanAsonic, Maria Callas, Merzbow, Can, Parliament, or Van Halen. If you ask the wrong people, each of the above mentioned life endeavors could have just been part of a big fad. What a joke, and how arrogant.