Like it or not.....

I'm back in full force and it feels SOOOOO good : )

My puter is finally up and running again. The thing that REALLY killed me is that my back-up computer also chose to develop problems at the same time. I hope that this type of problem doesn't start "rolling over" into my audio gear...

Either way, i had to delete EVERYTHING that was currently on my hard drive. Therefore, those that had emailed me and were waiting on responses, please email me again. I'm sorry for the mess, but you can thank MicroShaft XP for the added hassle. Those that had been trying to email me courtesy of the Audiogon remailer, you can now do so as i've forwarded the correct info to them also. Sean

Welcome back Sean. Don't you just love the Windows OS? Seems that I have to format my hard drive at least every year to keep things running right. Techs at local computer shop tell me they do theirs every 3-4 months. What a hassle.
Welcome back to this insanity. By the way, I upgraded my power cord to my PC and haven't had trouble since!!!

Sincerely, I remain
I like the Freudian typo... "My puter is finally up and running again".....
Mr Gates can make up for the global hassle (wait till U try tweaking XP...): present 48/384 s/ware for redbook with wide-bandwidth capabilities. So we don't have to worry about converting to sacd, dvd-a or whatever else Sony's (Denon's, Motorola's...) marketing depts. come up with.

I wonder if Microsoft, since their acquisition of Pacific Microsonics HDCD, may well start concentrating on developing new audio devices:

With grateful acknowledgement to Mr Douglas Self

Regards, Richard

some guy has a comedy sketch that I've heard numerous times on the old Dr. Demento Show on Sunday night FM; the routine is called "reinstalling windows" it's pretty funny stuff
Hi Sean, and welcome back. There for awhile I had to look up some of your old tomes so my A'Gon day felt "right";>), LOL. Cheers. Craig
FWIW, i've never found it necessary to re-install ANY version of the mac os. and i shall forever refuse to tithe to the church of st. gates, even if i'm forced to learn unix. -cfb

oh yeah, good to see your > again, sean. -kelly
My god cfb your a mac guy, I don't think I can talk to you ever again ;) no one is perfect I guess, lol. I run a system clean up program called system suite 4.0 by Ontrack and it does the trick I never had a virus, never been down and speedy as the dickens. Highly recomend using it, considerably better then McAfee or Norton.

Onto the topic of the thread, glad to hear your computer woes are over Sean. Nothing is more aggrevating then dealing with "problems" online, if I was not affraid of losing my hair I would start pulling it out!
Sean, if it makes you feel better, I purchased my son the new Microshaft X box for Christmas and true to all of Mr. Gates systems, it freezes up and the game must be restarted.

This is with Halo, perhaps it is limited to this one game, or maybe it is to help us Mac guys (Cornfed and I) feel more like Windows users.
HAHAHA. Thanks for the laugh Albert. I could surely use one right about now. Now that i've finally gotten this thing up and running again, my Brother tells me that his puter is dead. Since he knows about 10% of the 1% that i know about puters, i get to try to figure it out for him. After all, i was the one that gave it to him and "cursed" him with Windoze and the addiction to the internet. Needless to say, i'm not looking forward to it. Sean