Like Herbie Hancock's funk, more please

I've found myself listening to Herbie Hancock's finkier albums (Thrust, Manchild, Headhunter) over and over again lately. Who else was (or is) doing that kind of funky fusion?
try miles davis' Bitches Brew,might be considered one of the first fusion music.
I think the Brecker Bros. did it up right. They got tons o' stuff. George Duke of the 70's and some 80's funks out.
Try Dexter Wansel. There is a dual cd out that has first four albums on it and it would be representative of this era. Go to one of the websites to audition the sound clips to make sure though.
I might suggest going to and start browsing around. Probably one of the premier sources for such stuff on the web. Even if they do get a little too enthusiastic in their descriptions at times... Good people to deal with & lightning-fast turnaround on orders.
If you like Herbie Hancock, try some Weather Report and
Return to Forever. Herbie, Joe Zawinul(keyboards-Weather Report) and Chick Corea (keyboards- Return to Forever)played keyboards at some point for Miles Davis. Listen to Miles' In a Silent Way to hear the birth of Fusion/Funk.
Weather report is a good place to start-
Joe Zawinul's solo projects are more groove oriented-check out "my people" or "black water"
the first jazzmataz (sp.?)
Eddie harris and Lee Morgan are two jazz players who had the funk thing going in the 60's- though it is acoustic, as opposed to the herbie stuff you mentioned.
I usually mention that none does:
Stanley Clarke from A to Z a hell of a funky guy and he played with Chick Corea(probably Electric Band as I recall...)
Brand-X is "one or two steps up" in terms of sophistication from Herbie.
Material(Bill Laswell) -- Mastermind(1983?)
Material(Bill Laswell) -- Temporary Music(1982?)... getting more sophisticated.
Praxis(Bill Laswell) -- Transmutation(Wierd wierd funkopsych)... tooo sophisticated.

BTW(off the topic) If I were Herbie, I would change the last name -- one vowel doesn't make any difference in pronounsiation. he..he.. :)
You absolutely must check out Survival of the Fittest by the Headhunters. Herbie's group went off on their own and did an album of such stellar funk that I've been forced to come to the conclusion that it's better than Herbie's stuff. Bennie Maupin really streches out, Mike Clark's drums are tight, and Blackbird McKnight shines as one of the very best funk guitarists ever, bar none. A lost classic, and well worth searching out.

Avoid all their albums after Survival, they're just not quite up to the same standard.
Praxis may be over the top, Funkadelic meets heavy metal, but with Buckethead on guitar its wild and worth a listen. Victor Wooten has a couple solo albums that are jazzy and funky. Papa Grows Funk is, uh funky. And have you heard Brand New Heavies BrotherSister? Maybe these dont hit the nail on the head but they are all great.