Lightspeed attenuator lithium battery pack

I'm going to pick up a lightspeed attenuator but am not certain which 12vdc lithium battery packs on e-bay have 2.5 mm, center positive, plugs. They aren't listed anywhere and I can't figure out how to contact the sellers to ask them. Can you guys help me with this? I'd like to keep it as inexpensive as possible ($20?) and I do want battery vs. wal wart.

Also, what do you think is going to be the best 3 foot rca's under $50? I am thinking signal cable analogue 2's because they have a low capacitance and are $50 a pair. What do you guys think?

I purchased one off E-Bay from a seller here in the states for $28 and free shipping. Just search "Rechargeable 3800mah Li-ion 12V Battery Pack with DC Connector" on there and you will find it. I prefer the sound of the battery with my Lightspeed, for I get better focus with it. The cord that comes with it will work, but is a bit loose on the input to the Lightspeed. You can purchase the ends from Radio Shack or on on-line, and make your own cable like I recently did.
The Lightspeed is a very revealing attenuator, and will certainly let you hear the flaws of cables and everything else in your system. I can not suggest any cables I have heard under $50 that I liked, but there are some between $80-$100 that are quite good.
Thank you very much; found it no problem! Just wasn't sure which ones would work but since that is the one you are using, then it obviously works :-)
Which interconnects in the $80-$100 price range do you like? And, do you think three foot lengths vs two feet are okay? That extra foot goes a long way for me with placement!

Also, what kind of wire did you use when making your own plug?

I just used some simple and affordable 18-20 gauge solid core magnet wire for the plugs. I could not hear a sonic difference between it and the one that came with the Li-Ion battery pack. As far as interconnects go, that may be up to your personal tastes and what kind of "tone" you like best. You may have to try a lot of different ones to find what you like, so I would highly suggest going with a company that gives you a 30 day trial and return option. Two I have found quite good in that price range are MAC Ultra-Silvers at $59 or their Quads at $99. MAC charges quite a bit for shipping (over $15 last time I checked), and their wait time is usually 2-3 weeks.JW Audio sells their Cryo Nebulla cables for $79, and $5 shipping.They usually ship in just a few days, and offer free burn-in on their cables. You could try cables from both companies, and just send back the ones you don't prefer.
Hi Bruce, just to correct your opening post, to fit the Lightspeed Attenuator the plug has to be 2.1mm (not 2.5) and centre +positive. You have to ask the ebay sellers but most are 2.1mm and + centre but ask just to make sure.

Cheers George
Blue Jeans cables are 12 pf/foot I think. The only ones lower that I've seen were WyWires, but they way out of your listed price range.
By the way, Blue Jeans are $31 for three feet.
how many hours of listening do you end up getting with the 3800mah battery?

do you notice difference in sound?
Probably varies but at least a week. I have tried both battery and linear power supply and while I will acknowledge there is a difference it is quite small and I really cannot say with certainty what that difference is.
Clio - I had the LSA hooked up to a linear power supply and could detect no difference between that and an SMPS wall wart. I am a big believer in linear ps but my conclusion in this instance was the Lighhtspeed's design left it insensitive to power supply quality.
There is debate on the LSA DIY forum regarding the significance of clean power into LDR devices. I use LDRs in a custom volume control in an AtmaSphere MP-1 preamp. If you can solder and perform basic kit assembly, for about $100 including transformer the Twisted Pear's Placid HD current-shunt regulator is a good choice. Each LDR needs under 10ma, which is adjustable as described in the regulator kit instructions.

BTW, whether used in a passive or active preamp, LDRs sound great relative to a stepped attenuator.