lights in carver tfm15 going dim when meter at 25w

tfm15 hooked to the bass of nht2.5i, power meters lights dim when meter reads 25 watts durring heavy bass (alicia keys why dont you call me anymore). could the amp be running out of power at 25 watts? i know the 2.5i hogs power. the lights normanly brown out closer to 100 watts, when hooked to cerwin vega. does this indicate clipping?
it sounds to me like you have too much power draw comming out of one circuit, try moving the amp to another outlet thats not on the same circuit.

does this mean using switched ac output in the back of my hk avr20ii in not a good idea? makes power up easy since amp is at ground level. to make things worse my whole system is pluged in to (newpoint powerstrip $10 walmart) which is pluged into ex-cord 50 feet long to reach closest unused circut. all other circuts cloged with my wifes junk. would a shorter refer cord be better? future plans to run circut for system only plus others, any tips?
meter lights getting dim on your carver do not indicate clipping, if you dont have enough power to run the meter lights at full then your amp is starving for juice.

your amp should be pluged directly into your wall outlet & without the 50 ft extension cord either, amps suck an awfull lot of current & in most cases the shorter the run the better.

if you have an unused circuit why not just move the outlet from the closet to a better location & just use it for your system.

shouldnt cost more than a hundred bucks.