Lightning quick DYNAMIC amp in the under $1000 range

Hi guys, slowly upgrading my system on a bang for the buck budget. Anyone know of a musical, dynamic amp for under a grand? I would prefer new, but if anyone knows of a good deal on the used market, that could work, as well.
Not surprising for a class D amp.

kosst, I think it’s linear, but still just looking under it’s skirt, the Vidar gets my nod by a long way.



Not always true. The Hypex NC400 is stable down to 1ohm. The ICE ASC300 (PS Audio & Emotiva) is stable down to 2.5ohm.
 These are older, but they are great values:
BEL labs 
Aragon 2004

 I admire both of these amps. Anyone else have experience with them? 
george, I have no idea which amp is best. But I have the STA200, check the audio advisor customer ratings and those in the thread I started here before buying it. Not an unsatisfied owner.

I don’t buy the doomsday audiosciencereview write up. Actually had no heard of the website until someone mentioned it RE: the STA200.

Have no pride of ownership thing, its just a fun $499 amp.

Haven't had a chance to try a class D amp, except in my subs.
The STA200 is a class AB, I think, according to AA. Don't think it's class D