Lightning and Ethernet

Found an article I read a while ago and thought I would share it. Based on this I’ve been using medical grade Ethernet isolators (IEC 60601 compliant) for surge protection inside, not for better sound.

Important to note that the article is discussing developing research so I wouldn’t say anything is fully settled yet.

Part of why I’m paranoid is that I have almost all of my expensive gear in the house hard-wired to copper based Ethernet:

  • TV
  • HT Receiver
  • Roon end point
  • 2 PCs
  • BD Player

So if a surge travelled down the Ethernet into my gear it would do a lot of damage, even if that damage was relatively lite, like taking out the Ethernet ports.


Fiber to the house can be a blessing. I am getting it next week. Hallelujah!

Fiber to the house can be a blessing.

Absolutely, but the point of the article is that if the Ethernet goes outside your home to the fiber interface it can be a surge path.  @spenav 


You are probably thinking of fiber-to-the-curb. Now they bring it right into your garage. The only copper involved is your house wiring. Sweet! And since my DAC has a fiber port, I already have optical from my switch to the DAC. Sorry if I am a little outside of the scope of your post. I just had to tell somebody 😀

. Now they bring it right into your garage.


Sweet!  Not sure the terminology, but what if you don't have a garage? :D 

I've seen them bring the fiber to the outside of the house wall, and then run Ethernet within.  Those are the edge cases where Ethernet protection still matters more than you'd think.