Lightbulb Sun re-released

Yeah over a month ago,talk about falling asleep at the wheel! This Porcupine Tree offering was talked about over and over on Agon as their best recording. Long unavailable,it was selling on ebay at obscene prices but now you can get a remastered import 2 disc Cd for under 15.00. The second bonus disc is recorded in 5.1 and also has some dvd footage. Just ordered mine.
An excellent remaster of an excellent album!
Just received "Fear of a Blank Planet" on DVDa as well - had to order direct from PT as I couldn't find it anywhere else. The sound is very good in 5.1, and "Nil Recurring" is included in the package, but the videos alone are worth the price of admission - it's rare (if ever) that a video makes me rethink the songs, but these films are thought provoking and even downright disturbing. It took a while to warm to this album, but it's locked in to my playlist now!
Thanks for the reminder!

To me, "Fear..." is lyrically so utterly depressing that I cannot listen to it.
Don't forget about the PT DVD.