Light weight speaker cables


With your feedback, I installed my NAD system. Recently, I exchanged the NAD M2 (already a decade old) for a more recent NAD M32. I have Inakustik LS-1620 Reference speaker cables... but they're really heavy. Maybe too heavy as all their weight is hanging on the posts. The M2 could deal with it, but the M32 weighs less.

So I'm looking for light weight speaker cables (I prefer available in biwire). I've seen the Nordost collection, but that seems like a risk with kids and a cat. I've seen the latest Inakustik AIR cables.  
Which other options do I have?

Thanks for your reactions!
- @jperry : are you sure these cables don't weigh too much??
- @stringreen  : thanks! Indeed looks like a light solution, will look further into it
- @millercarbon : the cables are hanging down from my stereo, which is 1m50 above the ground. Are elevators available that high?
Clear Day (silver), which you'll have to find used (their maker has passed away). Very lightweight, and lots of people like them.
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If you like the sound of your system just rig some kind of velco stap or wire tie to support the cable.

No need to change, we have used wire ties and velco straps to support heavy cables for years, works wonders and costs next to nothing.

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 @jperry : are you sure these cables don't weigh too much??

They are very light. I have nordost now and these weigh less
Another vote for Anti-cables. They hang in the air when you mold them into position and I like their lack of a “sound”.
I use Clear Day Double Shotgun and jumpers and they sound great and very lightweight and flexible.  They come up for sale fairly regularly.  But cable lifters are a great idea if your happy with your system 
I have Clear Day double shotguns as well , they are fine on everything except massed strings of classical music , but that can be said of almostevery cable . Exception I have found is Audio Art cables which are  both below and a bit more ,
You might not find Clear Day easily as the owner Paul has passed away. I recently was contacted by a Verastarr cable ($$$$) owner that he replaced his cables with Audio Envy loudspeaker cables. He went on to chime that he replaced his entire mega $$$$ cable loom with Audio Envy cables. You can try them for 30 days. If you do not like them, you can return them.