light source for tt setup

Wondering what light source works the best for setting up a cartridge. Seems like a gooseneck light with a light source that is focused would work the best and I have not found one to purchase. Any suggestions? Thanks
Check out Audio Advisor for one. On home page under search just put in " light " and they will come up.
There are also other sources, so check pricing.
For close up work I like the battery powered LED headband lights available at most tool stores. I use mine all the time as it shines light on the subject and never gets in your eyes. Most have a 3 intensity setting so you get it bright as you like. Also works great for making hookups on the back of equipment as well. If you are looking for light to use while playing records then I recomment the LittleLite available at AudioAdvisor or LittleLite direct.
Thanks for the info, both suggestions are excellent. I will most likely use both sources.
I use a Dolan-Jenner Fiber Light model 190 which is made for laboratory illumination:

It has a nice, infinitely positionable goose neck and is extremely focused and bright. Look on epay for a used model. I paid less than $50 for mine.

I found one, Palasr! Alas, 25 bucks more. :-)

Still worth every penny not having to jockey around the deck with multiple light sources in hand. Enjoy illumination!

It costs nothing but it's fantastic .. I have one since one year

My cent!

I use a small (one AA battery) LED flashlight, which lies on the platter pointing any direction I choose.

Costs virtually nothing, available virtually everywhere.

A headlamp wouldn't work for me, since I often want the light shining through the stylus toward me. My Magic Eraser wedge makes a handy light diffuser to avoid being blinded by the LEDs.

Simple, cheap, flexible. I can put $50 toward hiring some kid to wash some of these LPs! ;-)
How many LPs do I have to clean to claim the $50? :-)
That depends on what you call clean! ;-)
I finally found a place that has the light I have been using when I cue my turntable at night when the lights are low. Search for Miles Kimball online, item# 317231. Uses 3 AAA batteries with LED's. I'm not familiar with mark up tags, otherwise I would have posted the link.
TOUCHE! I'm back to 25 min per side now Doug, thanks to you. :-)