Light, small, loud, powered speaker - Help

I have been searching endlessly for speakers to fit the following need, I hope you can help!

-Loud enough for a room of 50 people
-No or little noise distortion when the volume is turned up
-Powered to run a push button mike (phantom power?)
-Clear and crisp audio for an interview type setting
-Portable and under 10 pounds
-Portable and smallish in dimension
-Hopefully with detachable wires so speakers can be replaced or used seperately (if a pair)
-Will consider inputs of all types: 1/8, 1/4, XLR, rca, usb etc.

Adam Audio A3X should have you covered on all counts. There are other pro-audio solutions as well. The Adam is excellent. Their A5X and A7X are even better but will go over your weight limit and may be larger than you like.
Thank you! I'm going to check it out.