Lifters ForGetting Cables Off The Floor, Worth It Or Snake Oil

  •  I'm looking at some porcelain cable lifters to get some power and speaker cable up off the floor.  Does raising the cables off the floor really make a difference? It's going to be about 200 bucks for 10 of them. Thanks.  
Pro audio and home audio are two different beasts. Very different environments, with very different noise and volume levels.

Plenty of mastering studios take vibration control measures.. and that environment is very much akin to the home audio environment
Can't get any cheaper than empty paper towel and bathroom tissue cardboard tubes. They're free (you can't buy the paper without the tube)!
Better yet, hire a contractor to remove the floor entirely and install a couple of catwalks that allow you to walk to and from your equipment rack.  The results will be amazing I assure you.
Gee whiz, can't there be some kind of like firewall to keep the Pro Audio guys away from the High End guys? You know, somewhere where all the Mogami and Crown and "let the vibrations be free to roam around" crowd can hang out.
Funny thing is, I used a crown class d pro amp to good effect until a few months ago. Guess what? That system sounded better with vibration control on the rack, turntable, preamp and speakers. Pro audio gear can show improvements in performance when vibration control (and cabling) is well applied.
Pro audio in a performance venue setting shows these improvements less clearly or not at all often because of the high volume often used as well as the large spaces of many venues. Hopefully a noisy crowd too!