Life is too short to buy someone else's favorite stereo gear

That's it. That's all I have to say.
It's spelt "favourite". You're welcome.
It most definitely is .... If you are in England of course.🤔🤔
The used market is so yummy thanks to this mindset......

Keep it up and spread the word.
Life is too short to base your audio buying on someone else’s audio preferences.

If that’s what you mean I couldn’t agree more. But it also raises the question of the value of expert reviews when one doesn’t know the audio preferences of the reviewer. Professional reviewers always list the associated equipment used in the review but when was the last time you saw a side bar describing the audio preferences of the reviewer or it even explained?
And while "let your ears be the judge" is ideal it is not ALWAYS practical in the real world. Hence we are dependent on honest professional reviewers for guidance.
And, in UK/Australian English it can be "spelt" but in US English it is "spelled"
You learn something every day.
Back to our regularly scheduled programming.....