Life beyond Jolida?

I have owned a 302b for a little over a year now and, having tube swapped out to achieve "as good as it gets" results with this stock unit, I am considering where to look next to improve detail, dynamic range and imaging. My qualifications for an upgraded tube integrated amp are:
- made in the USA
- all tube integrated design (Rogue, cj, Cary etc)
- minimum 40 WPC (driving Vandersteen 2Ce Sigs)

My local dealer is arranging for me to home audition a Rogue Cronus in the near future. I have listened to the now discontinued cj CAV50 and liked what I heard, but not through my own speakers/home.

What upgrade paths have other Jolida (or other entry level tube)owners taken in their journey up tube alley? What are your suggestions for high quality tube integrated amps?

Cheers and Happy New Year
check out the tube audio design tad-60 only 899 and works well with the vandee's, 60 x 2 or 30 x 2 in triode mode
why spend more on hype
Jadis DA60, Pathos and Mcintosh MA2275 come to mind to mention a few. My 2275 arrives tomorrow!
the cj is a world class amp. it is a classic.
I went from the Jolida 302b and Jolida JD100 cd player, to a Cary SLI-80 integrated and Cary 308T cdp and experienced the improvements you are looking for. What is your source?
How about VAC Avatar or Manley Stingray. Both great companies that make world class equipment.
Second on the VAC!
Maybe try the Jolida JD-1000 integrated. I had one and swapped out tubes and really liked it. NOS tubes do make a big difference as I have GE 5751 Triple Mica black plated in my JD100 CDP.
look into some Quicksilver designs. altho' i've not had any personal experience w/ them, a lot of people here say that the perf of these units is superb. you can get them used here on Audiogon.
Thanks for all the great suggestions!

My sources for this system are Jolida JD100 cdp, Music Hall MMF7 table and stock cart. and Jolida tuner.
Give the Cronus a try. I picked one up over the weekend used & it is a excellent unit! I was using a mcintosh MA-6900 solid state integrated that was 200 wpc, and the Cronus at 55wpc is just as good, if not better. Right now im running the stock tubes and it is a very detailed yet smooth & easy on the ears. Id even consider buying one new for $1800
I found an improvement with Antique Sound Lab, but that's built overseas, so...
Steve, I owned the Jolida 302b amp as well and went towards SET and more efficient speakers.

Before you upgrade: What tubes are you currently using? I did have significant improvements tube rolling. Otherwise I think you have to spend significantly more to improve on the Jolida.

Anyway, some things I considered before going the low power route:

AES Sixpacs
Quicksilver Monos
Rogue Audio

and I heard this one recently

Almarro A318B SEP amp - 18 Watts but incredible sound driving a pair of GMA Callistos which are a bit more sensitive than your Vandersteens though.

With best wishes,

Steve, Great thread for me as I also have Vandy 2Sigs and am thinking of upgrading from Prima Luna pro-2 (which was an upgrade from ASL ). My 3 candidates: Cary SLI-80, VAC Avatar Super and Manley Stingray.Can anyone comment on the differences in sound between these 3 ? The Avatar is way more money than the other 2.Is it that much better?
Currently running Svetlana winged EL34s purchased from Joe Sausa at NewTube (I'm not affiliated but Joe is a great guy). TungSol 12AX7s and Mullard (New Sensor) 12AT7s in the 302. I'm overall happy with the sound but as I climb the tube world as I did for the solid state system, I realize that there is probably a world of everything I'm missing. I am interested in hearing the Rogue Cronus though. The Vandy 2Ce Sigs have been a revelation to say the least. Everyone should at least have one opportunity to hear these speakers. I am also intrigued by SET land; the only experience I have is hearing Cary monos in Montreal years ago at the Festival du Son et Image. I can't remember the speakers but I think they may have been Reference 3As, which are popular in Quebec.

Also someone told me Quicksilvers have short tube lives because they put alot of voltage on the plates. Is this true? But everyone who owns them seems to like Quicksilvers. Thanks again!
Try the Quickies. I'm running a pair of mid mono's with KT-88's and could not be happier. I have had no problem with tube failure due to voltage, in fact the quickies are some of the most reliable amps available. The Quicksilver amps also allow you to use several different types of tubes so you can fine tune the sound to suit your tastes.
Matching your criteria:
BAT VK 300
Manley Stingray (on the bottom end of power scale)
Cary SLI 80

Beyond your criteria: separates from the above, as well as from Quicksilver.
There is no life beyond Jolida. It is the end of it all, there is only one thing after Jolida - eternal darkness, gnashing of teeth, and sorrowful moans of regret.
Uhurit: I knew it! Doh!
No but I just received a Rogue Cronus and am in the second hour of bliss with it, and it hasn't even been broken in yet. Full review to follow...