Life As I knew in My Audio World Has Ended, Help

My routine has been turned upside down and I no longer have any real listening time, it's killing me. My normal weekday routine allowed me to do serious and relaxing listening at a great time, now it's gone. I would workout from roughly 4:30am to 5:20 or so, get home, shower, eat breakfast, and then listen for 45min-1 hour before heading off to work. My hours at work have been moved up one hour so I no longer have that time. Working out at another time is not an option. I figured I would have to listen at the less desirable time of late afternoon but have not gotten around to it yet. Any suggestions out there? Weekends are usually busy.
I'm sorry to hear about the changes. I had something similar happen to me a few years ago.

Do you have an office at work where you can listen while you work?
Are you serious?
There's something seriously amiss if your asking here for advice about how to schedule your day.

Good luck.
What are any of us gonna be able to do for you? Stop working out, get an Ipod, suck it up, listen in the car?...are those ideas that help? I know myself and others may sound rude but I cant think of any real way anyone can help you.
Quit your job
a doctor friend didn't listen to his stereo system for 6 months. he survived and extolled the positive consequences of his situation.

if you really miss music that much, turn on your radio.
i think some of us are too dependent upon our audio systems.

if we are so addicted to listening to music , it is a drug and no longer a source of enjoyment.
Have you tried elevating your power cords off the floor?

Wake up at 2AM and listen before your workout.
2nd word of your post-routine. Listening to music has become routine? Sounds almost obligatory to listen-I don't know, just guessing.

I would suggest listening when you want to. Maybe a headphone rig would the bill?
Work out? What's that?
Dancing to the oldies? Get your workout and listen to music at the same time!

But seriously, if you really don't have time to listen to your rig, get an iPod and listen during your workout. I have a friend who is a lifelong bodybuilder and previously he was a Jr. audiophile. He now has 3 busy children and a busy work life. He now listens to his iPod during workouts and has a couple of iPod dock systems spread throughout the house. I'll bet he doesn't listen to his big rig 1-2 hours a month now.



You really don't have anything to complain about. I gave up two listening rooms and eventually dismantled the system for seven years for my two kids.
In Japan, the workaholic's paradise.. The latest trend is to force workers to STOP working all that overtime because it is unhealthy for human beings. Several companies are FORCING workers out at the 8 hour workday closing time.. anyone trying to hide to stay an do work is forcibly removed!
Yet the companies doing this say productivity is up!
I guess slogging through a tired, depressing 12 hour workday does little more than a happy, relaxed 8 hour day.
My big rig is in the living room which is often taken over by kids, couch surfers, s.o. vegging out with the TV and so on. I don't think I get more than ten or twelve hours a month with it. But wow, when I do get in some listening time it's a treat !

I have a few other systems I play with and enjoy when I can't get time with the main one. There's one in the bedroom, one at work, one in my home office with the computer as source, one at the cottage. They don't reveal the music the way the big one does but they do not only provide audiophile play ( boy, do I have upgrade plans... ) but also even provide good musical moments.

Then too, there are days with no listening at all. I'm glad I have other passions.

Almost any day, I can at least put something on the bedroom system and let it play me a lullaby.

Maybe late afternoon will work out for you.
Thanks to all the "sensible" responses. To the rest of you, maybe this was isn't the most mainstream question but,
1. I'm not asking for advice how to schedule my day even though it might come across that way.
2. IPOD or the car is not a subsitute for a rig one has spent thousands on.
3. Addicted to music? How about it's a hobby and was part of a very enjoyable routine. So happens that hour I had to listen, also helped me recouperate from my workout and get me ready for a hard day at work. So I had multiple benefits.
4. I didn't spend tons on cd's to let them sit idle.
5. If music wasn't a big part of our lives why are we on this site talking about the gear we have spent small fortunes on? I didn't take years to build my system for it to be furniture. Maybe I shouldn't have posted but some of these rude responses were even dumber. I'll settle in to this new "routine" and hopefully find some time that's adequate. Later.
The US is arse about face, we have all the luxuries that our EU brethren can only dream about, but we generally have not a lot of time to enjoy our hobbies. In the EU the workers have the time, but not the money. This is really just a 'general' observation and obviously not true of everybody here or there.
SUV's here are driven by the masses. How many in the UK have and can afford an SUV? Prince Charles and Madonna?.

As Miss piggy once said 'make time'.
09-08-08: Mrtennis

"if we are so addicted to listening to music , it is a drug and no longer a source of enjoyment."

Mrtennis,the man asked for some type of logical response and you surely gave him one. (NOT) 8^(

Addiction: compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming "substance" (as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal; broadly : persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful...8^(

Hobby: a pursuit outside one's regular occupation engaged in "especially for relaxation"...8^)
A lot of us have very busy lives and extremely tight schedules. But only you can set your priorities. Since you've asked for advice, though, I can tell you that my own solution for music-listening time involves avoiding television in the evening and most other times as well. This allows me time to practice the instruments I play (morning) and time to listen (late evening).

You can always Tivo shows that you want to watch at some point. Seems to me that there's nothing urgent about TV, since 95 percent of broadcast TV is nonsense and vulgarity aimed at fools or dupes. IMHO. But if I don't get to listen to good music daily, that's a big problem for me. If you are a television viewer, ask yourself whether you enjoy that as much as listening to music.
...this is what I tell my anyone else who needs to know: IF I CANNOT FIND TIME TO RELAX...IM USELESS. Relax = anything you need to do to reach short term equilibrium...period. Kids have too many activities...CUT SOME OUT....wife complains...leave for a few days and let her get a taste of reality...when you come back she will not bother you for quite a while......I make these things clear to everyone that needs to know. Period. Works for me I guess. GOOD LUCK TO YOU MY FRIEND!!
The good thing about this hobby is all your gear and music will be there to welcome you back like an old friend when you have time to enjoy. Take a day off now and then to spend time with your metal mistress, and hey there is always retirement to look forward to :)
Any suggestions we might have I'm sure you thought of and rejected.Divorce,quitting a job, turning 24 into 25 are all fun for a short period until reality grabs you and returns you to the asylum we call modern living full of time-saving conviences they sell daily on TV.Sometimes its worth getting lost just to feel the groove of finding your way home.Guess its your turn,good luck,were all in this together,Red
Same for me - no listening for quite some time - except my girlfriend and I are being evicted from our apartment. The hospital she works for has decided to evict all the employees living here in 60 days.

So we don't know where we'll be living - not an easy feat in Manhattan.

And this apartment was good for late night moderate level of listening.

I recently mounted Realtraps everywhere and painted walls for projection.
How is it that the hospital owns the apartment?
Manhattan was getting crowded in 1690-1700 if you believe the book on Captain Kidd.ISBN 0-7868-6533-4.I think thats is Richard Zacks....good luck,Bob
You would be surprised how many hospitals own other buildings in large cities.
Our main office has to move due to the hospital wanting to use the building for other purposes and this is a 3 story building which is small compared to others they own.

if its really such a problem, rearrange your priorities