Life After Your Magnepan’s

Curious if you’ve ever owned the larger Magnepan’s and then moved on to something new and Better.  I have a fairly large room at 21.5’ x 30’.  The Maggies struggle a bit to fill this large room with sound; especially in the lower registers.

I’m using Carver 305 tube mono blocks; about 400 watts into the 4 ohm 20.7’s.  I also have a pair of REL G-2 subs.  As minkwelder indicated, even with the addition of the REL’s the sound reaches a certain maximum that just doesn’t “fill” the room.  My room is approx 7,260 cubic feet!   

I used the 20.7’s for four years in a prior home in a dedicated room that was approx 4,095 cubic feet to much greater success.  

I need a speaker that sounds BIG in a big space and doesn’t cost $100k!

There is one particular box speaker that I’ve heard at the Shows for the last several years that has caught my attention; the Paradigm Persona.   I’ve only heard the smaller floor standing 3F’s but was favorably impressed.

I wonder if they are similar in sound to the Aerial’s?  How does the height, width, and depth of Aerial’s compare to the Maggie’s?  I like the large sound field of the Maggie’s, especially the height.  Performers sound ‘real sized’ not 3 feet tall as is the case of many smaller box speakers.
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Check out Tekton Moabs or Ulfberhts.  They will fill that large room with great sound that won't have you missing your Magnepans at all.
I had a love hate relationship with Maggie 3.5Rs. Previously, I owned Accoustat 2 + 2s and am a huge open baffle fan. My room is quite large and I tried various subs with various main speakers. I tried various amps here as well, even biamping the 3.5s tweeter and bass panels, plus the 2 SVS powered 12" subs, but could not get them to blend seamlessly. I also tried active XOs, but the cheap ones kept blowing up and a Marchand XLR was uber expensive.

After considerable research I bought Emerald Physics KCIIs which are open baffle (and considerably smaller ~ 43" tall: 93dB efficient, but can handle big power. I find them similarly open and fast, a touch warmer sounding than the 3.5s.

I gave up trying to use the subs, still, the KCIIs sound terrific, especially with my EVS 1200 class D amp (600wpc!). They can be a bit overwhelmed with large scale music in MY ROOM, which is 19 X 38ish with a 12ft peak in the open beam ceiling.

Right now EP is running a factory direct sale: the EP2.8s with dual 15" carbon fiber woofers, and 12" concentric carbon fiber mid-range which should be killer. MSRP $9999, BUT, until they are gone $4999 including delivery That is an amazing bargain