Lie you told your wife to buy equipment?

Just wanted to check if I am the only one who hides equipment, try to blend it into my current system etc etc hoping my wife will not find out. Lets hear yours..LOL
No need to lie to the wife about buying equipment since she enjoys listening just as much as I do.
No, it's her money too. I tell her about everything I spend. She's great. It has never been an issue.
I never lie, but I do not claim full disclosure either. After 25 years of marriage we have come to the old "don't ask, don't tell" routine. She doesn't ask about my audio habit, and I don't ask her where all of the clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc comes from....

I always tell my wife about my audio purchases, I prefer to lie to her about the hookers and black tar heroin.
Me? Lie about equipment? Never!

But...Ask your wife about the new dress she brings home in the dry cleaning bag: "oh, this old thing...I've had it for ages!!!"

...or the sale that never happened (the red magic marker through the price tag to simulate a sale)

...we're not the only team playing the game : )

Honey, I sold that amp and bought this one and made a profit!
I don't lie to my wife about audio equipment purchases because I have enough to do keeping track of the lies I tell her so I can see my girlfriend.
I don't lie, I only tell the truth, ....but not the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

One good tactic is to tell her you buy stuff and sell stuff so it all evens out in the end moneywise. In reality, it doesn't if you're upgrading.

If you can get away with having a separate bank account, for internet transactions, not only can this provide some financial protection, it can be used to to quietly process other transctions.

Of course, this is all hypothetical. I would NEVER do these things. At least, I don't think I would. As I get older my memory isn't what it used to be.

Then again, you could also just stay single.
I don't need to lie. My Wife of 21 years and I have a deal. All my overtime money is mine, which in turn is spent on stereo related equipment. She's a keeper!
My wife likes to use the "don't you remember" trick on me as well. It is not limited to clothes she is a compulsive shopper and generally ends up to buying anything in sight. I don't lie but she says nothing. I mean nothing -it tends to wear you down. My stuff is generally too large to just slip in, except the tubes. I get those and hide them immediately. I don't lie but also don't announce my latest acquisition every time.
No, my wife will go along with it or I'll spend more money and move in with her sister.
Nope no reason. I do ask for her opinion on all the equipment I look to far look and feel or coolness. As I write this response she is sitting next to me listening to 480East.

Actually my wife is pretty cool with my components. But like John (Jmcgrogan2)said I don't ask about the 100 pair of shoes in closet.

"But it's on sale"
I found it on the side of the road with a " free " sign on it .
"No Honey, I'm not selling it...I'm packing it up to send it in for a tune-up." Translation: Sending it in for an upgrade.
Man I snuck in a phono preamp last week. The seller decided the original boxes weren't enough and he double boxed everything which made the boxes about the size of a VW bug. Luckily my wife took the kids to bed and fell asleep with the last one. I was out in the garage for an hour cutting up boxes and sweeping peanuts. She still hasn't noticed but eventually she's going to try to play a record and then I'm in for it. Hopefully by then it'll be worth it!

Oh well at least we're not out sneaking girl freinds/hookers or using drugs (except Viridian- what a dirt bag!).
the person who sold me my Muse model nine CD player upgraded to an (identical looking) model eleven without telling his wife.

kinda sneaky...
Oh wow great thread! I wish I had started it... a typical scenario in our house goes like this...
Wife: "ah, what was that diesel truck sound I heard from what seemed like the driveway just now?"
me: "ah, I didn't hear nothin"
wife, a couple of days later: "hey is that a different box on your audio rack downstairs? I don't remember seeing that box before!"
me: "oh that? nah I've had that for a while"
wife: "year right! how much did THIS ONE cost?"
me: "what are you talking about?"
"Dont ask, don't tell" works in my house.
No, not at all, helps me get the best prices.
Infact, she is always happy for me and willing to help me carry up my heavy boxes, dust off my equipment and rack, wipe off finger prints, climb up a ladder to wipe off dust on top of my speakers, and unpack new purchases. Selects furniture, carpets, dressings etc for my listening room.
Insist I install a plasma between my planars, thinks that will look sweet.
Honey, it's the same amp I've always had, I swear!
I keep my wife in the upgrade loop, she hears the improvements and sees the old gear go out the door at close to what I paid for it!!!!! The Gon is a wife saver!!!!
The ARC CD 3 looks just like the ARC CD 3 SE, which looks just like the ARC CD 7 - hope this helps.
Dittos Viridian!
I lied to my wife about the cost of equipments. I paid $1000 but I told her $600. I don't want war in my house.
I think it is wrong to lie about buying equipment to your spouse. If we lie to our spouses how can we feel good about our hobby or even this forum. Would you want to buy from another audiogoner who is lying to his wife? I tell my wife everything I buy and what each upgrade cost as well as any added benefits of each upgrade*.

* The following items are excluded: any power cords, cables, interconnects, upgrades and any other purchases that are not noticeable or discernible in a dimly lit room. Besides if you did tell them they would not be interested anyway.
I told her the vaccuum pump is for the turntable.
...and the tube was for the amplifier.
"Honey, this gadget will make all the electrons in the house flow straighter and thus improve our love life."
08-26-08: Rubber
"Honey, this gadget will make all the electrons in the house flow straighter and thus improve our love life."

My wife does not want to hear that! She'd rather hear me say that this new amp will replace my desire for intimacy.

Sheesh, don't you young folks have any idea how many women's lives have been ruined by Viagra???
Unfortunately, you will find out...

I'll quit smoking. She was smart enough to say, "Wonderful, after you've quit long enough to have saved enough money for the piece, go for it." Been buying stuff that way ever since. Thank goodness the price of cigs keeps going up. This was after sliding in a home trial cdp that within 30 secs of firing up she asked from another part of the house, "What's different about the stereo and how much did it cost?" She was happy about the difference and the unit stayed there for awhile.
Several times I've sold equipment to guys who insisted I send the gear to their office so they could sneak the loot into the home. I'm always happy to oblige.
Honey because of the complaints we have got. I thought it best if we move to a panel type speaker. You see honey open baffle bass is very nice but it doesn't bother the custy old fart next door.
"Dont ask, don't tell"
Works in my house. My wife travels quite a bit so I do my best to schedule deliveries while she's out of town.
All you guys who don't lie to your're all liars!
This works for me. Honey, this is the latest greatest thing and I'm in in it so cheap that by time I'm tired of it I'll sell it for a wash and move onto the next latest greatest. In other words honey none of this stuff ever cost us anything! LOL! Yea, if you believe that it always goes that smooth. I've got some beach front in Tennesse for sale! LOL!
Markphd - don't be to harsh. They know their wifes might be reading.
Honey, if I buy this then I will spend days and weeks in the basement and leave you in peace. Not even the postman ringing twice would make me leave my cave.
Just word of the advice - when your wife says "Go Ahead and do it" it is a dare and NOT a permission - you don't want to do it, believe me. Also be very sensitive to words like: NOTHING, WHATEVER, THANKS A LOT.
It's ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS easier to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. That's a credo to live by for married men (ha ha ha). Don't lie, just wait until it's a done deal. Most times my wife doesn't notice a different piece of equipment. When she does, honesty is the best policy for me. It is a combination of don't ask, don't tell, and asking for forgiveness rather than permission.
And why exactly are all you gentlemen still married? Is there really any upside at this point?
Jimjoyce25 - The answer is very simple: Good safe sex and tasty dinners.
My wife can't cook.
Timrhu - I can sell you (or rent) my women. Make me an offer
>Kijanki Wrote: The answer is very simple: ............ and tasty dinners.

where did you order that model? - mine must be defective.

I dont tell anyone what my Loricraft PRC3 record cleaner cost. No regular person would understand the upgrade cost from the the VPI to that!
Emailists - I got this model long time ago when it was very attractive. Unfortunately usage became very expensive recently and I need money for new speakers so I' selling in 2 for 1 deal (I will toss in mother-in-low as a bonus).
I am thinking about upgrading my speaker cables. In order to justify my potential purchase, I told my wife that someone posted a wanted ad for my current speaker cables at $100 more than I paid for them. Can't turn it down.
all your wifes probably sneek onto this site to check up on you. That's the best part!!!

Remember: they can have a username as well.
Seems really "boyish" to have to lie about an upgrade. You didn't get married just for...well, you know.
Mnnc - thank you. It is very important to have people like you here, that are the moral guidance for all of us. Keep up good work.