Licensed Down-loadable Movies

Does any company offer LEGAL rent-able down-loadable movies for viewing on a PC [NON-MAC]? I've seen one company that offers some kind of compressed version, so that The download doesn't take 2+ hours, but I'm looking for full bit, non compressed DVD quality download. Don't care about how long the download takes [internet modem, of course]!
Mon Grandebirdman
It's just around the corner.If you look up some of the AV online mags like audiovideoreolution online you might get a company and a date they start streaming.Saw something about it on one of the cable news chanells where they mentioned name of company ready to do it but not sure if it was tech hurdle or legal issue.Think it was latter.I addition to AV mags why try a compmpany you'd think would be in t ot it being
My old man has stock in them and they set up downloadable books,podcasts etc,Try them
PS I still need to find out from you (an this time write it down how to secure thos circut boards in my EAR 834 Int.Hey what did you get when you sold the EAR?
I use and They offer movies in regular and HiDef format. You can start watching the movie in about 5 mins. of downloading. The prices vary but they are legal.
the source for downloads will in fact be a dvd...without the extras of course.