LG900GHL cheap LG phone good enough for music?

absolute beginner here would like to download music and listen on my phone or similar cheap device.

Is my phone worth bothering with for music?

if not. What else should I get?

must be cheap.

I just bought some well reviewed LG headphones (posted here on Agon recently) and would like to start buying and listening to music.


Most phones have pretty low-end DACs. But if you're listening to MP3 compressed music, it probably won't make much difference. Why not just try it out and see if it works for you? If not, think about getting a Poratble Music Player (PMP). However, the really good PMPs are noy cheap, usually $200+...

thanks guys

my music taste varies wildly

will probably have to use MP3

oh well...

the ball is rolling

now to figure out how!