LG dvd player stops/starts while playing disc

I purchased an LGDVB418 player about 2 years ago.
Paid less than a $100 new at CC.
I've always had minor stop/start problems but now it's at a point where every movie I put into the player can't be watched in its entirety.
Worth fixing or should I junk it?
For a $100 player that is 2 years old do you really have to ask..............really?
Most repair shops have a minimum diagnostic fee of $50-75 which you'll pay even if the player can't be repaired, which isn't likely. There's no way that repairing a $100 player makes any sense unless you know exactly what the problem is and can do it yourself.
Toss it. You can get a new dvd player for under $40.00. Thats what I did when my $60 Toshiba quit. Sfar is right about the repair cost - PLUS consider the repair turnaround time - could be over a month or more.
Fatparrot is right, it's worth cleaning the lens to see if it solves the problem. You can try one of the $10 cleaning discs that looks like a DVD with tiny brushes embedded in it, they're available almost anywhere that sells electronics. Sometimes that works and, even if it doesn't, you can use the disc for other players.

You can also take the cover off the player and use a cotton swab moistened lightly with alcohol to carefully clean the lens. It will be under the tray that holds the disc and look like a 3/16" glass eye. If it's not accessible, sometimes you can uncover it by plugging in the player, pushing the eject button and then unplugging the player while the tray is in the 'out' position.
This is my first time going down this road with a dvd player so I appreciate your feedback.
I'll try cleaning the lens first.
Thanks again for the feedback.