LG AU810PB Projector.

I have been waiting patiently 10 years for the price of laser projectors to come down. Three weeks ago a friend turned me on to the LG AU810PB. After reading about the Tech and a few reviews I ordered one from B+H Photo, $3995.00 with free shipping. My last projector cost me $10,000 20 years ago with $250 every two years for a new bulb. Laser Projectors usually cost from $15,000 to $60,000 dollars but $3995? Aren't good lenses expensive. Sony brags about a $15,000 lens! 

Darn, this projector kicks a--! I have a 113" screen and it looks just like a flat screen TV...In the daytime! I am not an expert but the picture looks great to me. Next month I have an expert coming to calibrate it. I am more than pleased. It makes my old JVC look terrible. 20,000 hour bulb life, it turns on in 5 seconds and I can watch it during daytime! 

If you use a projector this has to be the best value in a projector out there. It is also the only smart projector out there!
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