LG 60" plasma with DVR built in...screen problem

After 10 minutes, the lower half of screen develops vertical banding and also shakes badly, lower half only. The upper half stays perfect. What could be causing this issue?
Shot in the dark but here it goes.. what kills Plasma's is heat, and they are typically fan cooled. feel that part of the screen front and side/back if possible and compare it to another part of the screen that is fine.

What source are you feeding it? Check with a DVD over DVI or HDMI if possible since this is a digital device.

Otherwise it could be a power problem (move you audiophile power filter/conditioner over to the plasma and check again..)

Otherwise ask this question on the www.avsforum.com if you don't get enough answers here.

Are you connecting using HDMI. HDMI can cause some unexplainable thing to happen. The technology does not always work as intended. Try using COMP VID as you choice of hookup and see if the problem disappears.