LFE output from DVD player's subwoofer out

I am using an ATI 1506 amplifier with a Blue Circle 21.1 preamp. For surround sound processing, I am using an EFE Technologies PRO ONE passive surround sound processor. With my current setup, movies sound very good, but lack the Low Frequency Effects (LFE) that could really take it to a higher level. I've begun searching for a progressive scan dvd player that has onboard decoding of DD/DTS. Some of the newer multi-format players have an output for a subwoofer. My question is this: Does the LFE information (assuming the dvd in question has an LFE track) get sent to the subwoofer out connection onboard the dvd player?
Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

I could be wrong but I think the outputs on the dvd player are for sacd or dvd-a software, and sound q. goes down when used for reg.dvd movies. Anybody??
I have similar set up.I have EFE passive decoder.The sub woofer out put from the passive decoder does not work very well.
I tried to connect the sub woofer to the 2 additional out puts of pre amplifier.Still no usefull bass.
Now I have 2 dvd players ONKYO and Panasonic with addl sub woofer out puts.They work well with 2 channel sound.
That is what I am using now for CD and DVD movies. It works very well.The T 36 speakers have good bass output.
If the EFE Technologies PRO ONE passive surround sound processor doesn't decode Dolby Digital soundtracks then the LFE channel is not going to get the correct bass track. Generally, it's best to connect the digital output of the DVD player to the digital input of the surround processor. If you are using the analog stereo outputs on the DVD player and/or your processor lacks a digital input, then the Dolby processing will be circumvented... You may get some kind of bass through the subwoofer, but it's not the intended DD format.

You are correct that the analog outputs on the DVD player are for SACD or DVD-A, but not Dolby Digital.