LFD vs Blue Circle

Does anybody have experience with the integrateds from these two manufacturers? Both appear to have similar design philosophies - simple circuits, high-quality parts, etc. I'm particularly interested in any sonic comparisons between the LFD Zero Mk 3 and any of the more recent Blue Circle integrateds.
Thanks in advance!
Have to say I love my LFD. Looking at the Blue Circle website and the "guts" of their integrated amps - they look way more "complicated" than the LFD's insides. Not as simple to say the least.

When I cracked my LFD open to upgrade the fuses I couldn't believe how simple and clean the componentry was. Matter of fact it made me wonder what I paid for.

The sound however is phenomenal.

My only complaint is the power switch on the front of it is cheap, and has a tendency to break.
I've had a Blue Circle NSCS for a number of years. And have no plans to update.
All I can say is there is a reason as to whyo few used Blue Circle units are seen on the Gon.
I've had an LFD NCSE for a couple of years now(since it was introduced) and have no plans to change or upgrade. All I can say is that there is a reason why so few come up used.

It is likely that the LEIII has outsold any BC integrated by a considerable margin. Due to the many positive comments about the LEIII a lot of people have likely decided to give it a try.

I owned an LEII and it was fantastic but it does have limitations in terms of output which I'm sure is the reason many come up for sale. If an amp doesn't drive your speaker properly the impression will not end up being great.

As an example, I found a smoking hot deal on a pair of Harbeth 40.1's a while back and it was quite apparent that the LEII was not pushing the speaker the way it wanted to be pushed. If I had the NCSE at the time I would likely have my lifetime system running right now.