LFD NCSE & Perreaux TS2

What I'm trying to do is connect more than one tape deck to a new LFD NCSE. I have a (now vintage) totally passive Perreaux TS2 which allows hookup of 3 tape decks, a couple of turntables, etc. and allows the use of any of them in record / playback. The TS2 has no power connection and is designed to be hooked up to a pre amp. Which is what I used to do until I traded in my pre-amp for the LFD. Anyone tried just cabling a passive switching unit to the tape in/tape out or anything else that allowed the use of multiple tape units with this amp? Thanks.
Follow up: after talking to Audio Fideles (US Distr.) I connected the TS2 using Tape In/Out and it works fine. Gives you a lot of extra input flexibility.
Fidelis is great. Ive never been to the store but I met Walter a couple of weeks ago when he was driving though town with some Harbeth 30.1's (amazing) and he's a pleasure to be around and is not your high pressure salesman. I would buy anything from him but I'm fortunate enough to have an equally amazing guy 20 minutes down the road.

So what speakers are you driving with the LFD? I'm looking to go solid state integrated and LFD is on the short list. I love Ayre products too and am waiting for the AX-5 to be released.
I have the LFD NCSE and matched them with Spendors. Great combo.Keeps the bass tight, beautiful vocals, nice soundstage. Pure bliss. Totally transparent.