LFD NCSE or Cronus Magnum

I have a pair of Harbeth C7ES-3 speakers. Which amp would work well with these speakers, the LFD NCSE or the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum integrated. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

LFD and Harbeth are known to be a good match so the NCSE should be an easy choice. The LE amp would likely work fine as well if you don't need the extra power up the road.

I'm not running Harbeths but I REALLY like my NCSE--it will be the last component I will consider changing/upgrading. It just works.

Best of luck...
Heard the LFD and Harbeth pairing at T.H.E. Show last year, and its midrange was magical - maybe one of the best I've heard.
I haven't heard the Rogue, but the Cronus is a push pull EL-34 based amplifier and if it sounds like other EL-34 based amplifiers, then it's characteristically big, beautiful and warm.

The LFD is a solid state integrated which does an admirable job sounding as good as a SET amplifier but also has the virtues of solid state.

I have never heard a Harbeth speaker, but my understanding is that they're lush and warm speakers with a beautiful, tonally rich mid-range.

Given what I do know, my money would be on the LFD, and it is well known in Harbeth owners circles that the two have great synergy together. The US dealers of Harbeth typically also carry LFD and recommend them together, so I think that does suggest a good pairing.

If you really want to know, try to audition both.
I've had both with Compact 7's. Either matches up well. The remoteless (if that is a purchasing decision) NCSE has better bass impact and control. If you've liked the sound of tubes and enjoy the hobby of tube rolling you already know which way to go.
Cronus Magnum can play EL34s but it comes with KT90s