LFD NCSE Hegel H200?

Opinions appreciated especially from dealers of Hegel and/or LFD. LFD NCSE to the Hegel H200? Side-step or step-up? Speakers used: 7ES-3's. NCSE strictly single-ended and my current disc player optimized for balanced operation. Thought: H200 big watts for little Harbeth's. PM's as welcome as public ones.
You have to look at the two companies and see your personal feelings about the two companies.

Personally I feel LFD to be way too small of a boutique company basically one guy, and no remote and limited product line and very, very, few dealers, as a red flag for a companies long term survivability.

Compare that to Hegel, 20 years in business, many dealers through out the world, remote control, a diversified product line and great sound, when the smoke clears you have to consider that long terms happiness in a product may mean that a prospective clients looks at all the factors not just sound quality.

For those reasons I took on Hegel as a line, and I have been selling it since it came to the US market.

I used to do comparisons of their $1,200.00 DAC vs a $6,000.00 highly rated CD player/DAC and the little Hegel came to about 90% of that unit's performance in some ways was actually more listenable.

There is some really innovative engineering from Hegel, the adaptive feed forward circuit that Hegel developed was cloned by Solution for use in their products.

Hegel's digital technology is all theirs including an innovative jitter busting technique and their own take on data transmission methods.

Hey they even created a circuit to compensate for jitter differences when they started measuring different SPDIF cables.

Long story short, Hegel great company, outstanding products, great features, fantastic sound, and innovative engineering.

Dealer Disclaimer
I happened to own both in the pass, I still have an H200 brand new listed.
also I used it with the harbeth 7ES-3, great synergy, I was force to sell it cause I am on graduate school full time student and I moved to an small space.
either way will be a great jump, but The Hegel is hard to beat
for quality watts, very quiet and holographic the LFD excellent if you like music at low volumes, either way you will be satisfy, hegel more details and information, in todays market Hegel is one of the best deals for your money.
Good luck.

indeed a small shop, but outstanding and high quality product. i have tested many other quality integrated, and so far havent found a better intamp. i did not test the hegel however.
LFD is a made is China product,then modified.my friend has the LFD signature ,and my Hegel H200 is better in every respect.go to Hegel webpage and read all the new patents and technologies in this unit .
Their designer Ben a Holder said compared to their seperates the 200
Gets to over 95 percent as good for less then 1/2 the cost.the preamp section is totally isolated and uses it's own power supplies .the sound engine checks input to output in different stages and removes any distortions as the present them selves. The Very expensive Solution amplifiers take this similar technologies to the ultimate level,
And it runs cool like a very good Vacuum tube amp,like a class -A
Sounding amp does everything well and so steal for this price .
Online if you can find one around $2800 you can get one. Read the reviews.