LFD LE III w/Phono Input?

Does anyone know if the LFD LE III has the option for a phono input? If not, recommendations from those that have this amp as to what phono preamps work best with this integrated amp?
Here is an excerpt from the Stereophile review:

Meanwhile, I tried my second version of the LFD with my Rega P25 turntable, fitted with Goldring G1020 MM cartridge. The phono-stage gain is
internally switchable: 38dB for MM, 53dB for MC. This was my first encounter with the LFD’s phono stage. I was expect- ing the usual ho-hum sort of stage built into most inexpensive integrated amps (when offered at all). What I got was totally unexpected: a first-rate phono stage that reduced digital to dust. Well, almost.

But remember: the phono stage must be installed at the LFD factory.
That's good news. Thanks Mofimadness. I'll check with the LFD distributor about ordering one with a phono stage...

Was eyeballing the EAR 834P phono preamp otherwise...
I use a PS Audio GCPH Pre w/my LFD. The PS Audio works well with a variety of cartridges - I presently use a Grado Sonata Ref. w/Rega P25 and all adjustments can be made easily. In addition, the PS Audio comes w/a remote that can function as a volume control for the LFD when you are using your table. With a separate phono pre you retain the flexibility to change the phono section at will.
Well the LFD LE III w/phono adds a thousand dollars onto the price. Being a Class A amp this may not be the best way to go (having an internal phono stage); seeing as I can get a decent phono pre-amp for less than that.

Now looking at the MOON LP3 phono pre-amp. Anyone have one and would like to comment on it?

I know this may sound stupid to reply after so many years but I just found this thread on Audiogon. I am currently testing the exact same setup, i.e. PS Audio, Grado Sonata and a P25.

Do you remember which we your best Phono preamp setup in the back???

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First things first in that the Zero LE Mk4.0 does not have the facility for an on-board phono stage. Next, Neither the Zero LE 3.0 nor 3.1 can have that facility retro-fitted. The option had to be ordered at the time because the version with it had a different main board (with the phono stage built in) compared to one that didn’t i.e 2 types of main board. And no, on the other inputs there was no difference between a 3.0 / 3.1 with the mm/mc fitted and one that didn’t.