LFD Integrated - Please talk me out of buying one

Have a bit of "upgrade-itis". I presently have Luxman L-550ax integrated; have been using and enjoying for a couple of years. I've been intrigued by LFD - such a simple thing - for a while now. I'm an ex tube guy (which is why I bought the Luxman 20W class A amp). I'd pair the LFD with my Sonus Faber Electa Amator II's, Chord Qute EX DAC and - sorry - Spotify 320k into the Chord for the most part.

Anyone on the forum use LFD integrated? Thoughts as to sideways move? Just thinking out loud for now. Probably would get the new LFD Zero LE Mk5.

Thanks guys - I do appreciate your thoughts.
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Don't buy the LFD Zero LE Mk5, it is absolute rubbish!

There.....was that convincing enough???
LFD stands for Left For Debris. Absolute crap. You should be ashamed of yourself for even bringing it up. Get the new Ayre integrated. Its much nicer.
You lose the remote from your Luxman as well. I have the 505UX and it was an upgrade from the Ayre AX7E I had before--much better match for my Harbeths.

If you want to have fun, then buy a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum and see how that floats your boat!
IMHO, the only problem with LFD is that it is way overpriced.

I have owned a couple of LFD pieces, (I still have an original LFD Mistral phono stage).

The LFD gear sounds very good, but the fit and finish and build quality are not what they should be for the asking prices.
Probably the most overly hyped product out there. I had a MkIV for a week - sounded like a Naim XS for 25% more money - build quality was crap - parts quality was crap. No remote. Thumped when I turned it on and off.

Stick with your tubes.
Not convincing enough yet:-). Getting there. Which Ayre?
"07-29-14: Steveashe
Not convincing enough yet:-). Getting there. Which Ayre?"

Either, but the new 5 series is the better of the 2. As it should be, given its a lot more money. I know Austinbob disagrees but he has Harbeth speakers and they're just not a good match for Ayre. Its understandable why he would pick something else.
Have you listened to the LFD? If so, what did you think? If not, I suppose an audition would be greatly helpful. I went from a Luxman 505u to a LFD LE Mk IV. I much preferred the sound of the LFD over the Luxman. The Luxman was more cosmetically appealing, but the LFD sounded much better to me. I now have the Mk V and enjoy it immensely. At first I wasn't sure how I could get along without a remote. I now find the absence of a remote a positive thing; set the volume, sit down, and delight in the music undistracted by any compulsions to raise and lower the volume. I find the minimalism of the LFD desirable. But then, that's just me.
With the "right" system, it is terrific.

We all know that system synergy matters , but in my experiences and with our local dealer, none moreso than with LFD.
For example, LFD electronics sound sensational at the dealer where it is all LFD cables. I saw one guy chintz it on the cables upgrade to go with his new integrated (over the strong recommendations by the dealer) and the result was predictable.

LFD also excels with certain UK speakers and sources.

Overall it was my second choice (I went with the REGA OSIRIS )
Akgca makes an important point. LFD cabling is a beneficial synergy with the LFD integrated. I use all LFD cables with my LE Mk V- hybrid ribbon speaker cables, silicon signature power cable and an assortment of interconnects ( spirolonk iv, grainless, silver horizon, and reference silver) depending in the source.
I found the LFD MK III to have too much high frequency energy with my system and speakers vs a Croft integrated or Pass X30.5.

It wasn't bright per se but it did have a tilt to the high frequencies which I found fatiguing. If I purchased Harbeths I would try and audition it again.
No I haven't. I'd love to find an LFD dealer in NYC or on Long Island, I doubt there is one. Purchasing an LFD would be an act of faith, as so many of my audio purchases have been without brick and mortar stores easily accessible any more. I know it will at least sound "good" with my setup, I don't know about great and not sure I'd know that without listening in my own room. The remote thing doesn't bother me too much and neither do the aesthetics.
Sort of opposite land from Luxman. No meters, no tone controls, etc. And built by a "person". I'm thinking minimalism as well.
There are really very few audio components I've fallen in love with over the years. I had Sonus Faber Signums about 15 or 20 years ago and sold them; one of my few sales regrets in the audio world; when I had the opportunity to buy a pair of "like new Sonus Faber EAII's a couple of years ago I jumped on them - they're fantastic.
In the end, I'm a boy with toys going through another component change. There's a nice Jadis Integrated for sale on audiogon too. My first exposure to the high end was on Jadis/Sonus Faber so maybe that's the way to go. My kids are going back to college soon, Fall will be here. Haven't quite decided to do it, but it's fun thinking about.
Never heard of or heard these. Web site does not give many details, just words on a vague design . I would not buy based on this alone, not much to go on, unless you know something not stated there otherwise?
"07-29-14: Steveashe
No I haven't. I'd love to find an LFD dealer in NYC or on Long Island, I doubt there is one. Purchasing an LFD would be an act of faith, as so many of my audio purchases have been without brick and mortar stores easily accessible any more."

Sound By Singer is a dealer.
Save some money and look for a Sonneteer Orton. Many claim it has "tube like" qualities. It appears well made and it might even sound better then the over hyped LFD?
Gene Rubin is a US dealer who may be able to do something for you
Check out the website
Another suggestion to give Gene Rubin a call. He is very easy and friendly to talk with.
I don't know your power requirements, listening habits, room size, etc...but I've recently took ownership of the greatest amp I've ever owned, the Clones 25i integrated. In my system, it is very natural, organic and just plain "real" sounding. It has EASILY bested three amps from E.A.R., amps from Kora, Dynaco, MANY transistor amps, a few digital and one battery powered amp. Even my E.A.R. 890 and Job 225 couldn't come close to the natural sound and beautiful tone of the Clones. The 890 is just a stereo amp and it retails for something like $7,000 +.
Put simply, the Clones makes every other amp I've had sound like HiFi.
If your considering an amp that puts out 25 watts into 8 ohms and 50 into 4, than do yourself a favor and hear the Clones. Funjoe's mono's are 50 into 8 and 100 into 4 (if you need that).
Again, this is in my system. YMMV.
Oh, and it's less than $900 new.
Well, no one was quite convincing enough. Couldn't quite justify new so I took the dive today on a slightly used LFD NCSE offered by a very nice local seller. I hooked it up and have been listening for the past few hours. Interesting piece; utilitarian, very solidly built, unique. Piano sounds REALLY nice. Vocals as well. Listening to Etta James now, it's like I can reach out and touch her - not that I would - but very present, round sound. Acoustic jazz guitar - wow. Maybe slightly rolled off in the highs vs. the Luxman. A little euphonic - not a bad thing at all. For the music I like most (jazz, acoustic stuff, solo piano, guitar etc.) I think it's the right move. I appreciate the Sonneteer advice as well - had an Alabaster a few years ago, sorry I ever sold it.
Thanks for all the advice!! Was fun to read and consider.
Steveashe, glad you're happy....for now. I don't know what u paid for the LFD but going by your musical tastes, I think you could've done better for less. However if you're happy, enjoy.
So - was it an UPgrade or a sideways trade? IMO, you need to spend a lot for a true upgrade, i.e., something better in every respect.